The latest Video Poker to debut at Spin Palace is All American Poker and it’s sure to make quite an entrance with its themed Stars ‘n’ Stripes look!

A standard Video Poker game, All American Poker, is played with a single pack of 52 cards and builds on the established 11 Video Pokers currently available in the Palace Gaming Hall.

And, as you would expect, All American Poker incorporates all the sophisticated features associated with a Video Poker Game; such as the autohold feature, which instinctively holds the best cards on a mathematical basis awaiting your decision and an analyzer table, which give you guidance on current odds and cover permutations to help you make the right decision - a facility not found elsewhere either in land or online operations.

Unite these superb features with generous pay tables and awesome graphics, and All American Poker promises to be a huge hit for all levels of player.


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