A game with all the action, all the noise and THE ultimate adrenalin rush of Vegas!

Introducing Vegas Craps, a game where the dice is King! This new version has retained all the original excitement of the original and combines this with a variety of new features, such as advanced color graphics and modern design.

The Field bet pays double on a 2 and triple on a 12. Buy and Lay bets pay true odds less a 5 percent commission on winnings only. And you can take 3 x odds on the Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come and Don't Come bets.

Max bet per betting position is 100.00 and the minimum bet is 1.00. Mixed chip piles are permitted and a maximum win of 3100.00 is possible on betting position 2/13.
So, if you’d like to experience a game infused with authentic, old school glamor, but demand the modern characteristics and features you’ve come to expect from our advanced VIPER supported gaming systems, then Vegas Craps is for you!


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