Have you ever wondered why car keys go missing or how odd socks happen when both went into the laundry machine? Well, wonder no more, as the mystery has at last been solved - full responsibility lies with the mischievous, but harmless, little critters who live unseen in homes all around the world - Munchkins!

Munchkins is a 5-Reel, 15-Payline, 10-Coin Video Slot, with a Wild and a Scatter Symbol, a ‘Double your Money’ Gamble opportunity PLUS a generous 20x Free Spin Bonus Feature.

Traditionally a highly secretive bunch, the little critters will only show themselves when a Wild completes a payline and the shiny Wild Capsule opens up to reveal 3 little Munchkins inside. And, to keep these naughty nibblers from snacking on your belongings, it is recommended that you liberally scatter their favorite food of cookies around the house.

With this in mind, Scattered Cookies on the reels will trigger the Free Spin Bonus Feature to award you with a lip-smacking 20x Free Spins, with all wins being doubled and the opportunity of re-triggering the Free Spins Feature.

With a base payout of 75,000 (150,000 coins) and the chance of doubling-up in the Free Spins mode to an incredible 150,000 (300,000 coins) - this Jackpot is a tempting prize for all.

Just be sure you get your hands on it before the Munchkins do!


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