Joker Poker 50 Play Power Poker is the 3rd addition to a dynamic new series of Power Poker games!

Building on the huge popularity of our 10 Play series, the new 50 Play format takes Multi-Playing to a whole new level, as you can now play up to an incredible 50 hands at a time, each hand being dealt from a separate and independent deck of 52 cards.

As you would expect, Joker Poker 50 Play incorporates all the sophisticated features associated with a Power Poker game; such as the autohold feature, which instinctively holds the best cards on a mathematical basis awaiting your decision and an analyzer table, which gives you guidance on current odds and covers permutations to help you make the right decision - a facility not found elsewhere in either a landbased or online operator.

With its smooth gaming, advanced graphics and a potential payout of 125,000, Joker Poker 50 Play Power Poker promises to be the ultimate Multi-Play Poker Game!


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