Meet Jim…he's brave, he's bold and he's a cool, good looking dude up for the thrill of chasing big rewards!

Jungle Jim is our latest 5-Reel, 15-Payline, Multi-Coin Feature Video Slot with a Wild, and Scatter Symbol PLUS an enhanced Free Spins Bonus Feature.

When triggered, 3 or more alligators surface in the Bonus Free Spins Selection Screen. Simply select an alligator to determine your Free Spins, max. = 10 Free Spins. Then, enter the Bonus Multiplier Selection Screen and choose from 5 alligators to determine the Bonus Multiplier - 1 alligator has the potential to send your win rocketing up to 5x its original value!

Accompany Jim in his treacherous adventure and, along side an eccentric old colonial explorer and a dazzling flame-haired damsel, you too will come face-to-face with slithering snakes, razor toothed piranhas, giant spiders, man-eating plants and angry alligators!

With an exciting maximum Jackpot of 20,000, there's also the potential to boost your winnings by selecting the 5x Multiplier alligator to win a Progressive-sized Jackpot of 100,000! Can you survive the jungle?

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