Double Joker 10 Play Power Poker is the new Multiplay Power Poker to join our 5 existing Power Poker games. The concept of a Video Poker game with ten hands of cards, each hand with a pack of 54 cards, has proved to be particularly popular amongst our players.
This new game incorporates all the expected features of a Viper supported Multiplay Power Poker, such as crisp graphics and high quality sound, and combines these with a range of sophisticated assists, such as the autohold feature that can hold the best cards on a mathematical basis awaiting your decision. Also included in the package are the analyser tables which give you guidance on current odds and cover permutations to help you make the right decision - a facility not found elsewhere either in land or online operations.

The Viper autoplay capability adds yet another new dimension to the game, and you can also set up your own "stop" budgets by win amount, lose amount or credit balance. Double Joker 10 Play Power Poker features a jackpot is 4 000 credits, with a maximum Jackpot of 10 0000 credits achievable through a maximum bet of 5 coins x 10 hands of 2.00 credits.

So play Double Joker 10 Play Poker today and you could be our first Jackpot winner on this new game!


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