Bar Bar Black Sheep is a 3 Reel, 1 Payline Video Slot based on the traditional nursery rhyme from which it lends its name. Developed as a humorous light-hearted take on the popular rhyme, this game features a ‘Wild’ multiplayer symbol in the form of a lovable black sheep that looks anything but Wild!

If you see one then winnings are trebled by the multiplier feature, except on jackpot combinations. This is an innovative approach and the first time a 3x multiplier is being used for a Wild substitution.

The top jackpot is $8,000, achieved through a maximum denomination bet and is triggered when the name of the game is graphically presented on the single payline - Bar Bar and the Wild Black sheep symbol as a combination.

So come and have some fun and be transported back to some golden childhood memories with Bar Bar Black Sheep!


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