Keno Magic at Spin Palace

Experience all the thrills of an age-old gambling game when you play Keno online at Spin Palace! 

Keno has one of the longest and richest histories of all casino games, and dates back to Ancient China. Now, with the support of the superb Microgaming software platform, we’ve brought it to the online players of Australia.

As with many of the casino games offered at Spin Palace, you can enjoy Keno for free or real money. When you are new to playing and want to practice, or when you just want to appreciate the game without any risk, this is a great option. 

Giving you this choice is just another way that we put your needs first. However you decide to play, Keno is a fascinating game that just gets better as you play more, and learn more about it. Start playing Keno today and join in the fun at Spin Palace!

Game Origins

The story behind Keno is that the famous Chinese general Cheung Leung was trying to raise funds for his continuous battles around 200 BC. He came up with quite a novel plan, to get people to spend a small amount of money on a game where they could win huge rewards, and then to put the profits towards his army.

Cheung based his game on the Thousand Characters Classic poem, which was used to teach children how to read China’s traditional alphabet. Just as lottery numbers are drawn today, random characters from the poem were drawn to create winning combinations. 

The popularity of this game was immediate, and it spread all over the country like wildfire. Needless to say, the general’s battlers were very well funded. There was even enough left over to build the Great Wall of China, thereby helping to save the Han Dynasty!

The Chinese railway workers who travelled to America took the game along with them, and it has flourished in Australia and all over the world since then. These casino games have been popular in brick-and-mortar establishments for years, and they are just as much of a hit online at Spin Palace.

Thinking players in Australia should really enjoy this game from the East, with its elements of Bingo, Poker and Roulette all combining to create enthralling, exciting instant win entertainment. 

Keno Basics

The beauty of Keno is how simple and easy it is to learn how to play. Traditionally, players would be given a card and would then choose numbers from a wide array printed on it, often called Spots. Once everyone has marked their ticket, with no more than 15 Spots, the winning numbers are drawn. The casino games are beautifully recreated at Spin Palace, and Random Number Generation ensures that the winning numbers are determined fairly.

Once all winning numbers have been generated, they are displayed on the screen and payouts are made according to how many winning numerals a player selected and how much they wagered in the first place. 

The instant draw means that, unlike with the National Australian Lottery, you’ll know whether you’ve won immediately. This, as we are sure you’ll agree, keeps things much more exciting!

Win with Online Keno at Spin Palace

You’ll love playing these casino games here with us, thanks to our flexible betting range and our usual high payout ratios, which are never below 96%. During the draw all winning numbers are highlighted in red, making it very easy to track them.

Payouts in Keno can really be jaw dropping and life changing! 

When you’re playing for real money it’s a good idea to try and bet as much as you can, to maximise your payouts when you win. 

The game is mostly based on chance, so apart from this tip there is not too much more you can do. As you play more, you’ll notice that you begin to develop your own instincts on how to play and win.

Do not, for example, be fooled into thinking that certain numbers are hot or cold for the draw. Each of our draws are completely new and completely random, and regardless of what happened before each number has equal chance of getting picked. 

The element of chance is one of the most exciting things about the game, so embrace it! 

Try Keno Online at Spin Palace

This Ancient Chinese game is the perfect entertainment for busy modern players in Australia, and once you’ve tried it for yourself we think you’ll agree. 

Sign up at Spin Palace and play for free, or make a deposit and start playing for real money. Once you’ve made your deposit you can also claim your bonus so that you can bet more, win more and have more fun. 

All the action and big jackpot payouts Keno has to offer are waiting for you right here!


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