The Spin Palace Casino FAQ's Answered

Check Spin Palace online casino’s FAQ for easy answers to a range of questions. If you can’t find the answer here, contact our player support team at any time of the day or night.

Start Playing at Spin Palace

How do I sign up for a Spin Palace account?

Signing up for a free Spin Palace account requires no download and is as easy as 1,2,3! You simply need to:

•    Click Play Now
•    Complete the 3 part registration process
•    Login and start playing

All that’s required are your personal details, that you choose your preferred currency and language and that you create a username and password. 

Accessing Your Account

What must I do to log in to my Spin Palace online casino account?

- Connect to the Internet
- Run the casino software
- On the main screen of the casino click the connect button
- When the dialog box appears, you’ll need to enter your password and account number

How do I unlock my account once it has been locked?

If your account is locked, please contact customer support for assistance.

Help! I’ve forgotten my account number/password!

If you forget your account number or password please contact our support team for assistance. For security reasons we do not email passwords, so you’ll need to talk to us via Live Chat or telephone.

Spin Palace Banking Service

How do I get online casino credits?

At Spin Palace there are several ways to purchase casino credits, including bank transfer, credit card and web wallet. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and several other trusted and respected banking services.

How Safe are My Casino Deposits?

All our banking options are safe, secure and easy to use. In order to purchase credits you need to access the Banking section of our site and select from the list of available options.

Click here for more information regarding deposit options.

If you have further questions regarding deposits and withdrawals please contact our player support team for peace of mind.

Why were deposits I made with my credit card rejected?

Certain financial institutions have opted to deny cardholders the freedom to make deposits for any online gaming transactions. This can result in an inconsistent experience when trying to make a deposit using your credit card.

Although this may be very frustrating, Spin Palace has compensated by making several trustworthy and reliable banking options available. Please click here for more details or check out our Banking page.

If you have reached your limit your card may also be declined, in this case please contact your bank or credit card company to rectify the situation.

Can I make deposits using a credit card not on my name?

In order to protect our players, Spin Palace does not allow the use of credit cards registered to anyone other than the authorised signatory. 

If your spouse, friend or family member would like to play we suggest that they open their own account and make use of one of the many banking options we have to offer.

Why do I need to submit documents when making a withdrawal?

In order to protect both you and us, Spin Palace plays a very active role in fraud prevention and detection. This is the expected standard in the world of online gaming and in no way is intended to delay the transfer of winnings.

In order to remain complaint with eCOGRA and local and international banking regulations and as a means of security, we may require copies of ID documents before a withdrawal is completed. Examples of ID documents may be a drivers license, utility bill or similar.

These security measures ensure that e-cash deposits and withdrawals are not conducted fraudulently.

General Questions about Spin Palace

Does Spin Palace have a valid online casino license?

Spin Palace is proudly licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

How old must I be to play casino games?

Spin Palace welcomes players over the age of 18 years of age, or the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction of the player. Under no circumstances may minors play at Spin Palace casino.

What are the wagering requirements?

As part of our commitment to ensuring Spin Palace offers you the richest rewards, we provide certain bonuses, or free casino credits to our players. These credits may be used in real money games to place wagers and potentially win real money that can be cashed out. These bonuses are subject to terms and conditions.

To view our current exciting sign up offer, please click here.

Your total casino account balance will comprise of a cash account and bonus account. Before any of your bonus money can be cashed out you’ll need to play at the online casino. You’ll be required to make a certain number of bets, at a certain value using your bonus money, before you will be able to withdraw any winnings. The total value of the bets, regardless of the game result must equal or be greater than 50 times the value of the awarded bonus.

For example, a $10 bonus will see you place a total of $500 worth of bets before you are entitled to withdraw the $10. Please note, some games count at differing amounts towards wagering requirement.

When the required wagering requirements are met, bonus funds are automatically transferred from your Bonus Account to your Cash Account in increments of $10 per $500 wagered. In certain instances you may be able to withdraw your cash balance and forfeit the balance of your Bonus Account.

Please click here for a full explanation of how our bonus system works.

How do I know Spin Palace offers fair play?

Spin Palace makes use of the industry leading Microgaming software that utilises Random Number Generator (RNG) to produce a wager result. To give you peace of mind, independent auditors regularly check the randomness of results.

How can I access or download more games?

To download over 100 more games you can use any one of the following methods:

Download a specific game:

Click on the game you wish to install and it will start in the same way as the regular games already installed, except that it may take longer to load. This is due to the casino downloading the game files necessary to run the game. You will notice a progress indicator appears above the game button.

This indicator allows you to monitor the download status, and the download time is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection. The casino also downloads new games and updates its software during normal play. These files are small and they wont cause any interruption to your game play process.

Begin Multiple Downloads

To begin multiple downloads click on the button of the game then click on cancel. You can monitor the games progress via the progress bar that appears over the game button. By clicking on the next game button another download will begin.

You will then notice that the game button you have just clicked, along with the previous game button now both have progress indicators. The last game specified will take priority and download first.
Should you encounter any issues, please contact support.

What do I do if a game doesn’t work properly?

If the reels don’t spin, cards don’t turn over or a game lags, this is usually caused by a slow Internet connection. When this happens the signal from our server struggles to talk to your software, which means the gaming server has not communicated the outcome of your bet to your computer. As soon as we receive your bet the RNG will create a result and this will be communicated back to your computer.

If your connection to the gaming server is lost and is then resolved, your credit balance will be refreshed with the outcome of the bet. If your bet is not resolved prior to the loss of connection you will be presented with an unfinished bet the next time you try and play the game.  

Does Spin Palace offer bonuses and promotions?

Spin Palace is famous for providing its players with generous promotions and lucrative special offers. We boast one of the biggest sign on bonuses online and offer players as much as €/$1,000 FREE. All you need to do to claim this special offer is sign up and open a Real Money Account.

We also run regular weekly promotions for our players to help give their bankrolls a boost and improve their winning chances. Players are informed about exciting new promotions via text message or email and are given the option to Opt In, in order to take part. 

The higher you climb on the loyalty tier, the greater the rewards and each of our 4 Loyalty Tiers features special weekly offers, rewarding you for regular play. These rewards often consist of Cashback and Deposit Match bonuses.

Spin Palace Player Support

How can I contact Spin Palace player support?

Spin Palace is committed to providing the highest level of customer support and we offer assistance in over a dozen languages. We’d love to assist with any query, no matter how big or small and are standing by 24/7 to assist.

Support can be contacted via Live Chat, telephone or email, and the Contact Us webpage.


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