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10 Of The Weirdest Interview Questions Ever

Weird job interview questions Source: SocialTalent

Once upon a time, job interviews were straightforward. The questions were exactly what candidates would expect. Not anymore. Go for an interview now, and you can expect some pretty weird questions.

You could be asked what colour crayon you would be, how many ways you can think of to use a Coke can or what your favourite combination of cards is when playing Blackjack. Worst case scenario? A question might stun you into a silence that leads to them telling you that they will call you – and we all know what that means.

Take a look at the top 10 weirdest questions (believe us, there are plenty more), and find out how to handle any that might come your way one day.

10. Apple Specialist

Candidates were asked how scissors would benefit them if those candidates worked as pizza delivery staff. We can’t help but wonder if that question was asked to test lateral thinking, or if it was based on an experience that left a bad taste in the interviewers’ mouths.

9. Xerox Client Manager

Someone who applied for a client manager position at Xerox was asked why tennis balls are furry. Yes. Really.

8. Airbnb Content Manager

While being quizzed for a content management post with Airbnb, prospective employees were asked how lucky they are. They also had to provide reasons for their answer. Our answer? I’m lucky because I got the interview smile

7. Akamai Director

Being a company director is a big responsibility, which is obviously why candidates for the position at Akamai were asked to explain how the Internet works. Obviously.

6. Bed Bath & Beyond Sales Associate

Want to sell stuff for Bed Bath & Beyond? Tell them what box of cereal you would be. And tell them why. Yes, they also want to know why. Never forget to tell them why.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line Casino Marketing Coordinator

During an interview for a casino marketing coordinator position with a Norwegian cruise line, a candidate was asked if they believe Bigfoot exists. We want to know what, exactly, did that interviewer see? Footprints in a forest, or a re-run of Harry and the Hendersons?

4. Trader Joe’s

Someone who applied for a job at Trader Joe’s was asked what they thought of garden gnomes. Perhaps they were also recruiting for the Garden Gnome Liberation Front?

3. MasterCard

A well-deserved top three position goes to MasterCard. An interviewee was questioned about their ability to multi-task. The tasks the interviewers had in mind were saying, ‘Peter Pepper picked a pickled pepper’ and cross-selling a washing machine.

2. Amazon

Amazon is in second place for asking job applicants how they would solve problems if they were a Martian. Is the online retail giant thinking about future expansions?

1. LivingSocial Consumer Advocate

Right, folks, this is it. The one you’ve been waiting for. First place goes to LivingSocial for asking a candidate in an interview if they could give someone instructions for making an origami cootie catcher using words only. Words? We’re stymied. We don’t know what to say.

How to Respond to Crazy Questions

First things first, do not freak out. The answers you provide can give prospective employers an insight into your ability to think laterally or creatively, as well as a sense of whether you will fit into the existing company culture, or work well as part of the team.

Some of the situations presented in questions are utterly ridiculous, which means there is any number of possible answers. Keep the position for which you applied, the company to which you applied, and your own skills and strengths in mind, take a deep breath, and then get creative! Prove to them you’ve got the confidence, enthusiasm, creativity, and other skills necessary, make them believe you are an asset to the team, and the job is as good as yours!

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