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2018 Pinterest Travel Trends

2018 travel trends on Pinterest Source: Pixabay

When it comes to travel trends, some people like to chill at home, kick back, and not leave the couch for as a long of a stretch as possible. Nearby, generally, will be the latest games, Netflix, and a healthy supply of junk food. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with this. Free time is free time, and being a couch potato can certainly be a good way to relax, especially if you spend it playing at Spin Palace casino online!

On the other hand, some people like to get their adventure hats on, and do a bit of travelling. Be it travelling to the nearest place with a swimming pool or beautiful white beach, or perhaps exploring an interesting little town on the other side of the world, there are always plenty of possibilities

But what specific travel trends have been setting Pinterest on fire in 2018? With over 4 billion travel ideas shared on the social media platform, you can bet a few common trends are starting to take shape. Let’s take a look.

The Solo Adventurer

When talking about travelling, many assume that it’s an adventure that best takes place in a group. After all, sightseeing as a group effort is most fun, since two pairs of eyes, or three or four, are always better than just one. And let’s not even mention that sharing travel costs certainly has its own benefits.

But, it turns out, Pinterest is exploding with solo travel trends in 2018. Solo travel ideas being shared are up a staggering 593%. That’s a pretty significant amount, and a sure fire sign that when it comes to travelling, 2018 is the year that people are doing so solo. As many Pinterest posts are putting it; when travelling alone you don’t have to argue about the next destination, and can just do you!

But when is the most common time to do some travelling in 2018, and which are the preferred locations?

Solo travel a big hit Source: Pixabay

Long Weekend Travel Trends

According to Pinterest, long weekend mini-holidays are what people are talking about most. Long weekend posts are up 167%, indicating that people are ready to leap to the chance to set off on an adventure, even if it’s just for a few days. Plus, sightseeing stop overs are up 90%, indicating that people are ready to make the most of their trips, and stop off at a few interesting locations along the way.

As far as preferred destinations are concerned, people seem to be steering clear of the most popular destinations. Instead, travel trends indicate people are talking more about small town destinations, which are up 94%, and interesting secret spots, which are up 83%. This, of course, doesn’t mean that people aren’t still taking crazy jaunts into Las Vegas and having gambling holidays. These sorts of holidays are always popular, and definitely a good way to spend a long weekend!

Food Makes The Holiday

When getting in some travelling, many are after a good meal as they are a good view. It turns out that the cuisine when travelling is an important part of the experience, more so than you might think. Restaurant guides on Pinterest are up 207%, indicating that people are serious about eating well when on their holidays. Certain specialised foods are also playing an important role, with vegetarian options being highlighted an amazing 218% more than last year, and vegan food locations up 183%.

So, Pinterest shows a clear trend towards people taking solo holidays, exploring small towns and hidden gems, while still paying very careful attention to where the best meals can be found. Pack your bags, grab those stretchy pants, and go have fun!



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