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Unexpected Benefits Of Writing Casino Reviews

Marc Armstrong EN

I once had the worst online casino experience of my life. And that’s saying a lot, given that I’ve visited a number of seriously questionable online casinos. In my quest for great deals, of course.

As I recall, the casino did not register a deposit, which in itself was completely unacceptable. But then, to rub salt in the bitter wound, the customer support centre turned out to be run entirely by a person who did not understand the difference between your and you’re. If that gives you an idea of the level of professionalism. Or to put it another way; interacting with the person in the chat window was akin to having a pair of drills pierce my eyeballs.

After roughly an hour of confusing interaction, my deposit finally came through. But, naturally, by then I had lost all intention of spending any time at the casino. I withdrew the amount immediately, and sat seething. An hour of my life had been stolen, and someone, or something, somewhere, needed to feel the brunt of my wrath.

Yes, I said to myself, a cruel smile curling up my lips. I would write a review. The angriest, most wrathful review I had ever written.

Getting The Word Out

I really did write an angry review for that casino. I am, honestly, not an angry person by nature, despite all evidence to the contrary. I’m really very calm and understanding in most situations. At least, I am if I feel like people involved are sincere. In the case of the previously mentioned casino, which will remain unnamed, I got the distinct impression that it existed only to draw in a bit of cash from the unaware, with no one involved giving even two hoots about the customer experience.

So, I really did feel justified that my review might help others avoid the same pain and anger. But in the majority of cases I’m sure that online casinos are run with best intentions, so any reviews I posted would simply be to help those people do a better job. It’s a strange, harsh truth about human nature, but people mostly only write reviews when they have something harshly negative to say.

I know I’m asking for a changing of human nature here, but why not write a helpful casino review from time to time, simply to help the casino improve?

** Help Casinos Improve**

As already mentioned, reviews are generally only written when people want to blow off steam, and drop some harsh words on those responsible for a bad time. That’s why places like online casinos tend to really only make big changes in the face of this harsh criticism. But really, let’s be honest, what other options do they really have? If there are no reviews, they really have no other choice but to assume everything is going fine.

Now, of course the casino previously mentioned knew that they weren’t going to be exactly running the online equivalent of The Venetian. But as I already said, most online casinos are doing business with the best intentions. So, a review that made mention of a few things you’d like to see improved really would go a long way.

See? At heart I’m really just a nice guy who wants the online casino community to improve. Only in the face of true incompetence does my inner review rage beast awaken, and seek out the taste of blood.

Being Mean Just Hurts Feelings

The online world lives in a culture of harsh emotions. Why? Because, as I already said, people generally tend to not say anything, right up until the point where their own inner rage beast awakens. The truth is that the vast majority of the online world is populated by friendly, pleasant people. But it just so happens that friendly, pleasant people don’t often feel the urge to voice their opinions.

Hence, the friendly, pleasant people don’t wish to point out problems, since they perceive that it will simply cause conflict, problems, and maybe even make someone, somewhere, sad. But, and I ask you to strap yourselves in for this one; criticism isn’t always going to end in negative results.

Yes, being outright mean is more than likely going to hurt someone’s feelings, but real constructive criticism is the only real path to improvement. In fact, imagine if you were at a party, and somehow a dead bird landed up in the punch. Ignoring it, and hoping that everyone just didn’t realise would probably be the wrong approach. One brave soul would have to point the dead bird out, lest someone land up with a feathers and dead bird beverage. But, and this is the important part, the dead bird need not be pointed out with rage. Everyone could get right back to the party after it was thrown out the window.

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