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4 Common Myths About Slots

In any game where potential payouts could be life changing, it is no surprise that players have created strategies or developed beliefs about how to increase the odds. Some of the myths that have come about as a result are so common they are almost considered general knowledge. We’re going to dispel a few of the most common slots myths so that you know what’s fact and what’s fiction!

A Big Win Is Coming

The most common myth is that a slot that has not paid out in a while is “due”. It’s easy to think that because no one has won big in a while, the machine will be paying out any second now. However, think of it like the roll of a dice. Every single roll is completely unique and the odds are 1 in 6 that it will land on any given number. Those odds don’t change just because you have rolled the dice 3 times. It’s always 1 in 6. The same applies to slots. Every play is a completely new with random spins and Random Number generators utilised in online slots, making it impossible to determine when a game will payout.

It May be Your Lucky Day

Another common myth is that some days are better than others. It may seem that way from the outside, but the reality is it’s just as random as a week when payouts happen consistently. To have a good day or a bad day, online casinos would need to control the programming of the games to ensure they don’t payout, and that would break every law around fair play.

Rewarded for Online Play

Possibly one of the most damaging myths is that casinos can choose whom to award. Many players believe that their online membership can be drawn or targeted as a winning profile, provided the casino sees a good playing history. Once again, this would involve the casino controlling the game and would contravene the rules of fair play.

Payout Percentage Says it All

Lastly, some players believe that your chances are better at a land-based casino than online. However, the average slot machine at a land-based casino is programmed to pay out 85% of the total takings. Online slots, on the other hand, are programmed to pay out as much as 98% of their takings. So where would you rather play?

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