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5 Online Casino Innovations

Entertainment, Music, Gambling, Finance, Technology

Innovation lights up the world; Spin Palace BlogSource: Free-Photos, Pixabay

Technology drives progress in the world today especially in the gaming and entertainment industry. What keeps online casino games from getting boring is that the top developers are always ahead of the game, constantly coming up with inventive means of keeping their fans entertained. At the same time, the industry as a whole has benefited a lot from innovations in other areas that aren’t as obvious. There’s a lot behind the hood of a popular gambling hub like Spin Palace Online than meets the eye! Find out more below.

Gambling Innovations: Intellectual Property

What better way is there to attract the attention of the customer, than by basing your product on something the customer already likes? Established franchises, singers, movies, actors – famous things and famous people almost always make the sale of a product better, hence the mega endorsement deals that often ensue in the world of sport and celebrities.  And let’s face it, there have been loads of endorsement deals over the years; George Clooney and Nespresso, Beyonce and Pepsi,  50 Cent and Vitamin Water to name but three.  Online casino gaming content providers have also taken full advantage of famous people, actors and intellectual property in order to attract more customers, boost revenues and provide lucrative odds.

Gambling Innovations: Cryptos  & Online Wallets

The innovations within the online casino industry have changed the face of internet banking.  Technologies designed to let players manage their finances and winnings in a safe and private capacity have spilt over into the conventional banking sector. Neteller, an online web-wallet originally conceived and made exclusively for the transferring of casino funds from and to players is now used as an all-round web-wallet. You can fund this account, store money in it and draw money from it by way of a specially administered MasterCard. Banking innovations like these have lead other companies and organisations to mimic this success and create web-wallets with their own unique features.  Cryptocurrencies, digital assets that have gained great recognition, have also gained a strong foothold in the business of gaming with operators like Spin Palace mobile ready to embrace it.

Gambling is powered by great ideas; Spin Palace BlogSource: jarmoluk, Pixabay

Gambling Innovations: Soundtracks

A mobile casino game is unthinkable without a soundtrack. These are sounds that are specifically designed to suit the theme of the game and with gaming technology constantly being improved upon, sound quality keeps getting better as does the variation of sounds designed to accompany the game.  For as long as gaming content producers have been able to broker deals with film and music companies for the rights to certain intellectual properties, familiar soundtracks have been able to accompany the games.  Quite often the soundtrack is a key defining trait of the property in question and will likely appeal to fans thereof while also satisfying more seasoned gamers.

Gambling Innovations: Live Dealer

The landscape of the casino industry is one of constant flow. The technological innovations geared towards making players comfortable are constantly being revisited. Even the more traditional games, primarily table games, are getting updated to provide patrons with more options. To say that the days of the land-based casino industry are numbered would be a bit of a stretch, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the online casino industry has made an indelible mark on gambling and continues to do so.  For the longest time land-based casinos held the key essentials required to make them more appealing options,  namely the real-time factor – actually being in a casino and facing a dealer.  However, the tide began to change when innovative minds within the online casino industry began to see another avenue of exploration: the live dealer.

Gambling Innovations: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been touted for the longest time now – since the mid 1990s – as the next big thing. However, it’s fruition into the predictions hasn’t quite materialised. The leaps and bounds have been impressive but not enough to entice the masses. Having said that, VR is enjoying a larger audience and greater interest with headsets having been drastically improved over the years. The online casino industry has taken note of this technology and sees the potential value of creating casinos that can utilise virtual reality.  While playing at a mobile casino online is currently where it stands, the introduction of VR casinos will allow such operators to give players the ultimate immersive experience. Internet casinos have always had the advantage of being convenient alternatives to their land-based counterparts, but with VR, these operators could finally offer something that truly challenges and competes with traditional brick and mortar venues.

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