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Gambling Innovations: Live Dealer

Technology, Entertainment, Gambling

The dealer comes into focusSource: Pixabay

The landscape of the casino industry is one of constant flow. The technological innovations geared towards making players comfortable are constantly being revisited. Even the more traditional games, primarily table games, are getting updated to provide patrons with more options. To say that the days of the land-based casino industry are numbered would be a bit of a stretch, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the online casino industry has made an indelible mark on gambling and continues to do so.  For the longest time land-based casinos held the key essentials required to make them more appealing options, namely the real-time factor – actually being in a casino and facing a dealer.  However, the tide began to change when innovative minds within the online casino industry began to see another avenue of exploration, namely that of the live dealer.

What Is A Live Dealer Game?

A live dealer games is one in which the player can remote into a session from the comfort of his or her home. This way of playing can be done by way of the traditional PC or the more opted for way of playing, the smartphone. Mobile casino game play has become the dominant means by which players enjoy games of chance with roughly 70% of global gaming now taking place on smartphones and tablets.  Live dealer gaming has gained a strong foothold in the online casino industry and has become quite ubiquitous, with more and more operators seeing their value. By way of a live feed and the latest in gaming technology, players are able to virtually take a seat at a table and enjoy games like blackjack, roulette and poker. Interaction with the dealer as well as fellow player is also possible, thereby making possible the social element of gaming that players often crave.

Online casino games are better than everSource: Pixabay

Technology That Makes It Happen

For the player who elects to step into the very real world of live dealer gaming, it would be of assistance to know what type of technology makes it all possible. Knowledge of this technology will answer any questions there might be and alleviate any notions of doubt.  Camera’s form a key part of the components that make up the player experience. The most advanced cameras have been incorporated into the conveyance of betting against a real dealer. Technically known as optical camera recognition (OCR Technology), this format of video capturing and transmitting is designed to convey every aspect of casino gaming to the player in real time – hand dealing, wheel spinning, card shuffling – it’s all there for the player to see.  Incorporated into this technology is something known as a Game Control Unit (CGU), attached to the table, with the purpose of providing the dealer with essential information required to run the game.

Monitors also form part of the gaming mechanics of providing live dealer games to online casino players. The monitor allows the dealer to see what the player sees on his or her end and thus is able to conduct him or herself in a friendly and professional capacity.

Purpose Built Live Dealer Studios

Online casinos offer live dealer games, but while the two can be seen to be one entity, they also operate independently.  Purpose built live dealer studios have been erected in various parts of the world to house the actual live deal games. These studios look exactly like land-based casinos on the inside with tables and croupiers interacting with players by way of the above-mentioned technology. Online casinos, as they do with gaming content providers, then partner with the live  dealer studios to offer these real-time games.

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