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6 Health Old Wives’ Tales Exposed


Eat Carrots for Better Vision Source: Pixabay

It still happens in many places around the world that, no matter the ailment, granny – or another old wife – has a piece of advice for treating it. If you have ever eaten buckets full of carrots before an eye test, you probably realised that some of them are utter nonsense.

Sure, some of them sound convincing, such as the possibility of a suddenly woken sleepwalker having a heart attack. It sounds as believable as the myth that casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep players alert for longer. If you really want to believe that one, rather stick to playing at our casino online. However, as we shall see, such old wives’ tales usually are hokum.

Don’t Wake Sleepwalkers

According to medical doctor and author Dr Rob Hicks, while waking up someone walking in their sleep will not give them a heart attack, it can disorient them.

This would probably come as an unpleasant surprise, so the doctor suggested guiding them to their beds instead, without waking them up. Assuming you like the person concerned, that is.

Feed Fevers, Starve Colds

An old wives’ tale followed routinely every winter by millions around the world, the instruction to feed fevers and starve colds will probably do more harm than good.

First, the body needs all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it can get when fighting infection or disease. Second, the body also needs liquids, as illness can lead to dehydration. Follow granny’s advice if you want to kill your patient.

7-Year-Old Chewing Gum

Depending on where in the world you grew up, you may have been told as a child that swallowed chewing gum will stay in your stomach for seven years. Alternatively, you may have been told it would seal up your bottom, and you would never go poopy again. Don’t worry – it’s all malarkey!

Dr Hicks said that, even though we cannot digest gum’s synthetic ingredients, it would pass through our digestive tracts in a few days. See? It all comes out in the end.

7-Year-Old Chewing Gum Source: Pixabay

Muscle Can Turn Into Fat

Who does not know a gymoholic who is terrified all their lovely muscle will turn into fat if they skip training for so much as a day? Next time they freak out, give them a pat on the head and tell them muscle cannot turn into fat, as they are two completely different tissue types.

According to Oxford University’s Dr Susan Jebb, what really happens when you give up exercising is the breakdown of muscle tissue. This is usually replaced by additional fatty tissue because you are not burning up as many calories as you once were. Basically, muscle turns into nothing, and fat turns into more fat. Your gym membership is a waste of time and money.

Using 10% Brain Capacity

More a modern popular myth than an old wives’ tale, all that stuff about humans using only 10 per cent of our brain capacity is hooey. Every single part of our brain is used, whether for memory, motor, or other skills, reflexes, and processes.

That is why, no matter where on the brain injury occurs, the organism is affected. If that part of the brain was not being used or served no purpose, that wouldn’t happen, now, would it?

Eat Carrots for Better Vision

By now, almost every human being on the planet thinks that carrots are a potential cure for blindness. Sorry, but they aren’t.

They are chock-full of Vitamin A, which definitely supports healthy eyes. However, it has no effect on the vision as such. Also, this was not a piece of treasured advice handed down from grandmother to granddaughter. It’s WWII propaganda that was used to hide the fact from the Germans that the British used radar technology.

There may well be old wives’ tales that have some truth to them. However, as far as these are concerned, they have been well and truly debunked.

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