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A Blast From the Past!

Entertainment, Gambling

Anderthals; Spin Palace BlogSource: Just For The Win

Imagine a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. A time when lush forests and dense jungles covered the land. A time when incredible beasts soared through the sky and lapped in the rivers. Now, think about what it would have been like for a human in that time. Probably a lot like the lives of Andy and Annie Anderthal, the charming cavemen at the heart of Anderthals. This five-reel slot game transports the player back in time and lets them experience the world through the eyes of two fun-loving Neanderthals. The Anderthals keep T-rexes as pets and enjoy nothing more than a roaring fire and succulent meat on the bone.

Anderthals has been developed by Just for the Win Studios as an immersive and, above all, fun slot game. It is bursting with bright colours, ear-candy music and innovative special features. The goal is simple – match three or more symbols to score points. But the game is packed full of surprises, from wilds and multipliers to chances to spin again, that capture the wild sense of adventure that characterises the Anderthals’ world. Andy and Annie are ready to set off on a stunning adventure, surrounded by eye-catching sights and an expansive kingdom that’s ready to be explored!

A Wild World Awaits

At first glance, the Anderthals Wild system makes it seem as though some things never change. After all, it follows the standard path for a slot game wild – when a Wild symbol appears on a reel, it can be used to substitute for any other symbol in the game. Look beyond that, though, and you’ll find a whole new world lying behind a seemingly familiar façade.

Should a Wild symbol fall onto a slot that contains an active Expanding Wild, it will be activated, and the entire reel will be covered with Wild symbols. What’s the advantage of that? Now, every symbol on that reel can be substituted for any other, thus increasing the opportunity to find a match and score points. This versatility makes it possible to discover brand new combos that would otherwise not be possible. This brings an ever-changing element of fun to proceedings.

The wild times don’t end there, though. Anderthals combines two slot game classics – Wild symbols and multipliers – to create the Wild X2 and Wild X3 feature. If a Wild symbol falls onto a slot with an active Wild X2 symbol, the latter is activated and any potential winnings on this line are multiplied by two. If a Wild symbol falls onto a slot with an active Wild X3 symbol, this is activated and any potential winnings here are multiplied by three. Tracing back through history, it seems like we might have discovered the origins of our modern multiplier system. Isn’t history a truly fascinating thing?!

Anderthals; Spin Palace BlogSource: Just For The Win

Spinning Through History

Of course, a world populated by savage beasts and towering behemoths is one that is full of risk and peril. Free spins give you a chance to scout the terrain and find a safe path through this dangerous world. When playing, if a Free Spin is activated, eight free spins are awarded to the player. For each additional Free Spin that is activated, the player receives a further two free spins onto their total. Any other bonuses that are active during this – Expanded Wilds, for example – remain active for the duration of the Free Spins too.

History Before Your Eyes

Packed full of colour and detail, Anderthals brings the past to vivid life, making it a fantastic choice for lovers of history. Firstly, there are our two central characters, Andy and Annie Anderthal. Each of our heroes comes to life with their own personality, while ferocious T-rex symbols add a terrifying touch to the high-octane gameplay. The game’s setting, a prehistoric cave that drips with atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for these characters. All this combines to create an immersive environment that players will love to revisit time and time again.

The game is not just a feast for the eyes, though. The soundtrack also provides a fantastic background, simultaneously establishing the ambience and setting your toe tapping. You’re sure to be humming it for days after you play, thanks to the catchy, high-energy music choices that underscore the fast-paced slot action.

Journey into History

Whether you’re a history buff or a fan of character-driven slot games, Anderthals supplies the adventure you’re after. Escape rampaging dinosaurs, hunt for combinations of symbols and rub shoulders with the delightful Anderthal family, all in a richly detailed historic realm. From the cutting-edge effects that create the world to the joyful and loveable characters that populate it, the game is immensely likable. It is also bursting with features that bring prehistoric gaming right into the twenty-first century. Anderthals will be available to play on 7 April 2020.

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