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Backgammon’s Potential as a Live Dealer Game

With the advent of online casino games, much was gained for the average gambler, but something was also lost for some – the thrill of the live casino atmosphere and interacting with actual dealers and opponents. In recent years, Internet casinos like Spin Palace Live have revolutionised online gambling by bringing together the best of both worlds:

Using the latest technology, live dealer casinos provide live streaming video of dealers (and sometimes even other players) directly to your computer or mobile device. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of playing from home, without sacrificing the excitement offered by real-life casinos.

Although live dealer versions are not yet available for all casino pursuits, games like poker, blackjack, roulette and craps have taken off in a big way as live dealer games. Now, the next big thing in the live dealer casino may just be an old favourite: Backgammon.

In fact, the top software developers are already hard at work developing an interface that will marry backgammon with the live dealer format. Here are a few reasons why backgammon will make a great live dealer casino game:

The Social Connection

First and foremost, backgammon and live dealer casinos are perfect for each other because they share the same primary benefit: human interaction. Much like bingo, backgammon is a highly social game that attracts groups of people who enjoy each other’s company as much as they enjoy rolling the dice.

Although much of this is lost when you play backgammon in a standard online format, it will be regained when backgammon goes live.

Reading Opponents

Like poker (and unlike, say, slots), backgammon is actually largely a game of strategy in which a certain amount of skill is required to achieve success. A major backgammon skill is the ability to read your opponent’s facial expression. With live streaming video of your backgammon opponents, it will once again become possible to practise this fine art to take control of your winnings.

The Usual Perks

In addition to these game-specific benefits, all of the usual benefits of live and online casino gambling apply to live baccarat. These include time saved in not having to travel to casinos, the convenience of playing from home, money saved on refreshments and travel expenses, special online bonuses, and opportunities to practise for free, among many others.

Whether you’re an experienced backgammon player or just keen to give it a try, live online baccarat is sure to be a win with you very soon.

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