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Beginner Tips For Roulette

Beginner Tips For Roulette

The world loves roulette. There is hardly a country on the planet that does not play it, and hardly a person on earth that does not understand it. It is, for all intents and purposes, one of the most popular classic casino games currently available online. That an online casino should offer it is all but expected from players. The real question is, does everyone who plays roulette fully understand the rules? And do players take full advantage of everything the game has to offer?

Everyone understands that the wheel spins, the white balls stops, and where the white ball stops determines the lucky and not so lucky. But are there ways to maximise the chances of winning in roulette, and are there ways to improve your success rate on a regular basis? The answer to both these questions is yes. Let’s have a closer look.

Cowboys Versus Mathematicians

Many roulette players will simply pick a favourite number, place a bet, and hope for the best. This is indeed an entertaining way to play the game, with the rush of a big win, something that has to be experienced to be understood. But, it must be said; this is not the smart way to play the game. If a player wants to walk away from the table with more than when they arrived, a system is required. In the game of roulette, the mathematician is always going to be more successful then the cowboy. At least as far as financial gain is concerned.

First, study the betting table of roulette. There are a number of different betting options, all of which have specific payouts. As with all casino games, the higher the risk involved, the higher the payout. Hence, if you want to make any real money, the higher risk betting options have to be considered. But how can one bet on high-risk options with any hope of walking away with profits? Easy; the great thing about roulette is that you can place multiple bets.

Spreading Around The Money

A system many use is covering the cost of bets, while also aiming for a big win. For example, if the player puts a bet on red or black, a different bet on the first, second, or third twelve, and a third bet on a lucky number, they achieve a good amount of table coverage. If the red or black bet wins, it should cover the other two bets, meaning that there are no overall losses. If the first, second, or third twelve bet wins, it should cover the bets, and make a small amount of profit. If the lucky number wins, it should cover all the bets and earn good profit.

The system, therefore, is to minimise losses until the lucky number finally wins. Of course, this strategy is not completely fool proof, and there is always the risk of a bad streak of luck, but the player is at least balancing out risk and reward. Or, more simply put, the chances of the player losing all three bets is a risk worth taking, since winning at least some money is more likely.

Bet Within Your means

Spreading around bets is an excellent system, but it is also one that must be maintained for a time in order to achieve results. This must be considered. If one loss of all three bets means that the player is broke, the bets are far too high. Each roulette table will have a minimum bet amount, and it should be very carefully considered. When deciding which table to play on, choose one that has a comfortable minimum bet amount. A safe rule of thumb is that the player should be able to lose all their bets five times in a row and still have money to keep playing. Remember; winning big is great, but losing big should be planned for. This is how the mathematician plays.

If it is occurring now how long the strategy must be stuck with in order for good profits to be made, this is the nature of playing strategically at roulette. It is not a game that can be played for five minutes, with the player walking away with full pockets. Unless, of course, that player happens to be especially lucky. Strategies must be stuck with for long periods of time before they yield good profits. In other words; keep in mind that strategic roulette is a game of patience.

Leave On a Winning Streak

As a last thought, a player should know when it is time to leave. By their nature roulette strategies will have peaks and troughs. Losing will be followed by winning, and vice versa. In order to make profits in roulette the player must understand when it is time to leave. This would generally be when a decent profit has been made and you’re flush with winnings. Cash in and go buy something nice, you deserve it!

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