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Beginners Guide To Slots Games

Beginners Guide To Slots Games

So you’ve been hearing a lot of talk about online slot games, and been thinking about giving them a bash. Only one problem; you don’t know a thing about slots games, and the whole deal seems a little confusing. No problem!

Slots games are more or less a walk in the park, and the average person will pick it up in no time at all. But it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of inside information before getting started. Here is a quick guide to the essential aspects of slots games.

Reels and Rows

Every slot game is made up of a grid pattern. Reels refer to the vertical part of this pattern, and rows refer to the horizontal part. The majority of slot games have 5 reels, although there are a few with 3 reels. When the reels are spun they will roll the play symbols from top to bottom, until coming to a stop. There are, however, a few slot games that use a cascading tile system.

Cascading Tiles

A cascading tile system still uses reels and rows, but instead of the reels spinning, the play symbols fall in from the top of the play area and stack, as if they were physical objects. The most common addition to the system is that matching symbols will disappear, allowing symbols above to fall a space down and fill empty space. This allows for multiple matches to be achieved in a single spin.

Betting Lines

Betting lines or paylines are one of the most important aspects of slot games to understand. A betting line refers to a line in the play area where matching sequences may be created. The general idea is that a payline starts on the left, and ends on the right. But, depending on the number of paylines, a payline may not be a straight line at all. Slots games have as any as 50, or even over 100 payline, many of which are in a staggered pattern.

Raising or Lowering Paylines

Many slots games have payline that are adjustable, with the payoff being that more paylines require a larger upfront bet, but the chance to win is increased with each additional betting line. If a slots game offers adjustable payline, an experienced player will raise or lower the lines in anticipation of a big win, or a losing stretch.

Fixed Paylines

Slots games that have fixed paylines will have all the lines on by default. In general, games with fixed paylines have a great deal more lines, and chances to win, than games with adjustable payline.

Raising and Lowering Bets

All slots games have the option to raise or lower the betting amount. This can be done via the user interface, generally at the bottom of the play area. Keep in mind that many slot games have jackpots that will trigger only if the betting amount is set to the maximum.

Bet Max

The Bet Max button will set the current bet to its maximum amount. This is useful when anticipating that the next few spins will give good results. Remember, the bet may only be lowered or raised only between spins. Once the reels are in motion no changes may be made to betting lines or the betting amount.

Pay Table Or Information Button

Every slot game will have a Pay Table button, or an Information button. Clicking or tapping it will give a detailed breakdown of the game, it’s payouts, and it’s betting lines. If you are ever in doubt about the rules of a certain game, tapping this button will provide quick answer. Never forget that you may also contact the customer support centre of the casino website you are playing on.


There is probably little reason to point it out, but every slots game will also have a Spin button. This button, as most will have guessed, will set the reels into motion for a spin. Note that the spin button always provides only 1 manual spin, and the game will stop after the spin has been completed and any payouts have been made. Click Spin again, as many times as you would like.

Auto Play

Most slot games have an auto play, or auto spin feature. This will allow the game to automatically spin itself, without the spin button having to be pressed for each spin. The game will keep spinning until you click Stop. Some games allow you to set the conditions under which the auto play sequence will stop, such as a big spin being achieved, or the balance going below a certain value. Other games will simply let you set the spins to a certain number before they automatically stop.

There you have it the A, B, C’s of online slots! These great games are easy to play and even more rewarding, and as they are so simple there’s no reason not to start playing straight away!

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