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Biggest Casinos In Australia

Biggest Casinos In AustraliaIn the online world, the term “big casino” does not hold that much value. It holds some value, given that it simply means the online casino has a lot of games to choose from. But real estate isn’t exactly as expensive as it is in the real world. Online space is remarkably cheap, which means that most online casinos are “big.” Need space for another thousand slot games? Not much of a problem. In other words; online casinos certainly have an advantage as far as “big” is concerned.

In the real world, however, “big” is still a word that has some weight behind it. And, as we all know, there is little that compares to the impressiveness of a massive, sparkling casino complex, so breath taking that you would swear you had been transported to a fairy-tale world. Real world casinos are rated by their size, after all, since real estate prices in this world still matter.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest casinos in Australia, a land where people love their casino games, and aren’t afraid to splash out on a bit of real estate. Australians also love their online casinos, of course, but lets pay attention to some land based ones.


When first looking at the tower that is the Crown, located in Melbourne, you might be pretty impressed. That is, of course, until you realise that the whole casino is that one tower, plus the two beside it. That’s right, the makers of the Crown knew that just one tower was child’s play, and that a minimum of three were required in order to really turn heads.

Needless the say, the Crown is a massively impressive visual spectacle, not in the least because the three gargantuan towers aren’t even the least of it. At the base of the towers, beside the water, the crown stretches even further, encompassing a vast space that is loaded with restaurants, live performance venues, and, of course, all the casino games you could hope for.

As far as land based casinos go in Australia, it’s the biggest, but there are a few other amazing places to take note of.

Crown Perth

What, you thought there was only one gigantic casino by the name the Crown in Australia? Given the massive success of the Crown in Melbourne, one was established in Perth, and happens to be just about as impressive as it’s sister location.

But let’s go into some details, so the full majesty of this casino can be appreciated. In total, the Crown Perth has over 2000 slot games to choose from, 220 table games, which is mind blowing when one considers how much space a single table game requires, plus the addition of four fully electronic table games. The electronic table games are a new addition, and certainly interesting.

But let’s also talk entertainment options. How many restaurant choices would you be happy with, because however many you said, it probably wasn’t fifteen. There are fifteen gourmet eating venues, plus an additional sixteen drinking and entertainment venues. And just in case you forgot, this is all one casino.

The Star

The Star, located in New South Wales, may not have the size of the Crown casinos, but just so happens to be pretty impressive in other ways. The Star has been specifically designed to appeal to those who prefer the finer things in life, and so sparkles a bit more than the Crown casinos. And by sparkles, we mean it bursts with swank in every possible way.

There are less slot games, but the decor is exquisite, less table games, but the floors are mostly marble and lush carpets, and they may be less restaurant options, but those that exist serve only the fines foods. In other words, you can have big, or you can have fancy, and The Start leans heavily towards that second option.

Jupiter’s Hotel And Casino

And finally we have Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino. The above hotels focused on size and luxury, so you might be asking yourself what Jupiter’s brings to the table. Well, the above hotels could only hope to have as amazing a location as Jupiter’s, and as impressive a layout.

Located in Queensland, Jupiter’s takes every bit of advantage of its location, providing visitors with some of the most amazing waterside elegance a person could for. The restaurants stretch out over the water, highest rooms provide incredible landscape views, and gardens provide the opportunity to rest, sit back, and simply breath in the fresh air.

Yes, Jupiter’s has even less of a gaming selection than The Star, but certainly comes up trumps when where scenic beauty is concerned. And it doesn’t hurt that when night time falls and the lights hit the water, the previously mentioned beauty of Jupiter’s multiplies by ten.

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