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How Bingo Can Help You Be Healthier

Marc Armstrong EN

bingo helps you be healthierStress is a killer, everyone can agree on that. In fact, if you pay attention to those cheerful charts that helpfully list the various things killing people, stress sits at number one. A round of applause for stress and its incredible achievement! Certainly no sarcasm here people, I give praise where it’s due.

But to be serious for a moment, keeping stress levels down really is something every person has to take seriously. I personally have a habit of clenching my teeth when I’m stressed, and let me tell you, a particularly stressful day can leave my jaw aching. How do I keep my stress levels down? Running helps, I find. And there are a number of casino games that do my stress levels a world of good as well.

Slot games are good, but my go-to stress relief game is, without a doubt, bingo.

That Lady And Her Relaxing Voice

I named my favourite online bingo website announcer voice. Linda is her name, and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t have the most relaxing voice on the planet. No one can say B6 in as calm, and relaxing a tone as her, and I swear if she had a face, it would be that of a serene, angelic figure bathed in shafts of white light. Bless you Linda.

Really, bingo is a calming game, few will argue that. And stress relief is just one of the benefits of bingo in my experience. It’s also an extremely social game, although you’re not obliged to chat with the other players if you don’t want. Should you feel the urge, however, I promise that the most social people in the world seem to congregate in online bingo halls.

Have a chat, a nice cup of tea, and let Linda soothe you with her angelic tones. And in case you ‘re wondering, yes there are many online bingo websites that let you choose the gender of the voice. So,if you prefer a Harry to a Linda, that’s an option.

My Grandmother The Bingo Ninja

My grandmother, Francisca, is one of the sharpest people I know. An Italian lady, she can still easily cook up a storm of incredible food, without once having to refer to the cookbooks. I personally refer to a cookbook at least five times while frying an egg, and there is still at least a 30% chance that I’ll somehow still manage to mess it up anyway. So, I guess that confirms that cooking well isn’t strictly in Italian genes.

Francisca plays a great deal of online bingo, and has her own troupe of friends that join her on a regular basis. She is in her 80s now, and can’t make the trips to physical bingo halls like she used to. However, prior to online bingo even becoming a thing, she had decided the trips were too hard on her, and had been simply sitting at home in front of the television.

When online bingo did come along, she jumped at the chance to get back into the swing of things, and had an account made before I could even bring up the suggestion myself. She now enjoys online bingo with friends at least twice a week, and I’ll be damned if she isn’t some sort of bingo ninja. Taking home the jackpot is a regular thing for her; to such an extent that I’m all but certain she’s in contact with a few bingo victory granting ancient spirits.

Keeping Your Mind Active

The point is, of course, that being a bingo ninja is something my grandmother enjoys a great deal more than watching television. Which is not to say she can’t still binge watch a new season of Game of Thrones over a twenty-four hour period, but bingo is something that keeps her social, and mentally sharper than me when it comes to cooking.

Yes, I’m suggesting that being a bingo ninja is something everyone should embrace, be you capable of cooking Italian food or not.

Online Bingo Is Free

On a final note; online Bingo is offered for free at a number of online casinos. Winning jackpots is great, but sometimes a person likes to enjoy a bit of bingo without having to put down a cent, or even think about finances being involved. I enjoy free bingo on a regular basis, and Lind has not judged me once for choosing the free games over those that require up front bets. To play free bingo, just start a game without being logged into an account.

Good luck to the other regular bingo players out there, and a personal good luck from me if you ever happen to run into my grandmother online. She’s an excellent conversationalist, but don’t think she will hold back her bingo ninja skills to get her hands on that jackpot.

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