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Bingo Versus Keno Versus National Lottery


Games of chance can manifest in a number of different ways. Roulette, for example, has a spinning wheel with numbered pockets, allowing the player to place a combination of bets on the potential outcome. It is a game of chance in the most exciting and interesting form a person could think of, and it is no surprise roulette is such a popular game.

Games such as Bingo and Keno, however, take a very different approach. Both games are based around a selection of numbers, and payouts being granted if those numbers come up randomly. At first glance, there appears to be very little difference between Keno, Bingo, or even the national lottery. Aren’t they basically the same game?

Upon closer examination, however, it is clear that there are very significant differences between these variations of games of chance. Let’s take a closer look.


Bingo is an extremely popular online game, with thousands taking part in virtual Bingo halls on a daily basis. Bingo is renowned for being a very social game, with players often more interested in chatting with one another, than actually walking away with the jackpot. Which is not to say the jackpot of bingo games is not worth taking home.

In the game of Bingo players pay an amount and are given a random selection of numbers. The important aspect to take note of is that the player does not select the numbers, they are generated at random. The player may also not place specific bets on the numbers, but must rather simply hope that the numbers given are winners.

In other words; Bingo is a game that does not require any input from the player at all. Every aspect of the game is entirely up to chance, requiring only that the player mark off numbers on the cards as they are called out. It is, of course, this very undemanding nature of Bingo that makes it such a great social game.


Keno is also a very popular game, with almost as many players around the world as Bingo. On the surface Keno appears very similar to Bingo. Players are given a card, and may select numbers on the card on which to place bets. But this already makes Keno significantly different from Bingo.

Players are allowed to select the numbers they would like to bet on, which immediately puts a great deal more control in the player’s hands. It is also possible to put specific bets on specific numbers, as well as group bets and other betting combinations. This means that although Keno is still largely based around luck, the player may sway payout amounts in their favour, by using smart betting combinations that allow for maximum winning potential.

In other words Keno is definitely a game that benefits from betting strategies, and players would certainly be wise to check strategy guides in advance. Keno is, therefore, an infinitely more in-depth game than Bingo.

The National Lottery

Many countries around the world have a national lottery, which is often an event that draws players in their tens of thousands. Again, on the surface the game appears somewhat similar to Keno and Bingo, and at first glance one might even think they were the same game.

But, it is immediately obvious that the lottery must be different from the other two games, given the extraordinary number of players that engage in the national lottery on a weekly, or even biweekly basis. If the national lottery had the same chances to achieve a win as Keno, those running the lottery would no doubt be broke after a single event, given the amounts they would be paying out.

The national lottery allows players to select numbers from a card, and pays out if three or more matching numbers are achieved, with six matching numbers being the jackpot. No combination or special bets of any kind are allowed.

The trick of the national lottery is that in order to earn a significant payout at least 4, or even 5 numbers are required. In the game of Keno even 2 numbers can grant a decent payout, depending on the betting combination selected. In other words, in order to avoid having to pay out enormous amounts, the odds of winning in the national lottery are extremely low.

Which Game Is Best?

It is difficult to say objectively that any one of the three games is better than another. It is rather a matter of preference, and what the player is looking for. A social experience is best had with the game of Bingo, while a more strategic challenge can be found in Keno. Those looking for a long shot at millions would do best playing the national lottery. Either way, all three games are great fun. Good luck, and we hope your lucky numbers take you all the way to riches.

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