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Blackjack Side Bets For Beginners

Most people are familiar with standard blackjack bets and the additional options of splitting, double down or buying insurance.

Today however many blackjack variations exist that offer a range of additional side bets that can potentially be very rewarding.

Let’s have a closer look at what you can expect.

Over And Under 13

With the over/under side bet, a players wagers that his first two cards will be either above or below a total of 13.

It offers a house edge of anywhere between 6% and 10%.

Perfect Pairs

A very common side bet, Perfect Pairs is a wager on whether the player's first two cards will be a pair. The payout from this bet scales according to the colour and suit of the cards.

The highest odds are paid to an identical pair.

Obviously the more decks are in the card shuffle, the better the odds of a matching pair.

Royal Bets

There are two Royal bets; you get the Royal Match bet and the Royal 20s side bet. The Royal Match bet is won if the player’s first two cards form a suited pair.

The biggest rewards come from a suited pair of face cards, specifically a king and a queen.

Just like with the perfect pairs side bet, the more decks are used in the shuffle, the better your odds are for winning the side bet in this case.

The second for of Royal bets is the Royal 20 side bet. This side bet can be placed on the player, dealer or both and wagers that the first two cards dealt will make 20. Again the payouts are scaled to which cards make up the 20.

Betting In Your Comfort Zone

These are just a handful of the more popular side bets you are most likely to come across but there are even more out there.

They make an interesting alternative option to people already familiar with standard blackjack betting and who want to add a little excitement and risk to their playing.

If the aim of your game is to be as successful as possible, the ideal way would not be side bests that have a high risk but of course a high reward in response.

Try a side bet or two and see how it goes, it just may be your lucky day! You can always take advantage of the free games and see whether side bets are your cup of tea.

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