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What Is Casino Bonus Hunting?

Online gambling often involves promotions. Source: Santeri Viinamäki

Bonus hunting is the term that gamblers have come up with for seeking out the best deals around. Nearly all online casinos want to attract as many new customers to their platform as possible. Furthermore, new bonuses may be offered in order to keep existing clients as loyal to their particular casino as they can. In this regard, online gaming sites are no different from just about every other commercial service you can purchase on the internet, from TV streaming businesses to insurance companies. However, some players have found that bonus hunting can lead to them having a real edge when it comes to placing their bets. What is bonus hunting and how might it help you to maximise your chances of winning at casino games?

What Is a Casino Bonus?

Before going into the detail of bonus hunting, it is probably worth establishing what a casino bonus is in the first place. The industry tends to offer six different types of bonus. There are welcome bonuses, no-deposit promotions, time specific bonuses, high roller offers, bonuses that relate to specific games and, finally, device specific bonuses. What all of these bonuses really constitute are sales promotions of some kind. Essentially, a casino bonus is the online platform's way of attracting or retaining players. Sometimes, it will be to make themselves more eye catching to potential new gamblers than competitor sites. On the other hand, a bonus might be put in place to promote a new game that the casino has just launched in order to drum up interest in it.

More often than not, a bonus will come in the form of additional credit to play with at the casino concerned, but this is by no means the only format. Then again, you might be offered a free spin or two at a slot or a turn at a gaming table in order to try it out. Whatever the type of bonus or its reward, the principle remains the same – to appeal to players.

Why Bonus Hunt?

Let's say you want to deposit some credit at an online casino in order to play a few games from time-to-time over the course of a month before, maybe, adding a little more credit the following month. If so, then you might open up a new account which would mean entering a few personal details, proving your age and making a transaction. To reward you for doing so, an online casino may give you the bonus of extra credit for starting an account. It could even match the amount you put into the account. Sometimes, even better bonuses are offered. If you opt for the first casino you see, then you may be missing out. Others might offer you a bigger bonus for doing exactly the same thing. It pays to shop around, after all.

Additionally, you might find a no deposit bonus which adds credit onto your account simply for opening one up. It sounds like free money because it is. However, there are things to consider which is why you always need to look at the details of casino bonuses. After all, gambling establishments are not in the business of simply giving money away.

Games like roulette can attract certain bonuses.

Source: Ppntori

How to Bonus Hunt Effectively

When you get a bonus, you may not be able to withdraw it immediately. This means that the credit associated with a bonus needs to be spent at the casino that offered it. Fair enough, right? However, if you win with a bet placed with a bonus you may still not be able to withdraw the winnings straight away. This is known as wagering. Effectively, you need to bet and win a certain amount of money compared to the size of the bonus in order to really call it your own. For slot games, for example, the wagering level might be 100 per cent of the bonus. However, games with a low house edge, such as roulette, will often force you to wager more before you can withdraw the sum you earned as a bonus. This is to avoid abuse of the bonus system. Let's face it, it would be easy to repeatedly bet on both black and red at a roulette table enough times to bypass the principle of the house bonus rules.

If you are gambling for fun and intend playing casino games anyway, then the wagering system won't really have any impact. Just play the games with the credit the operator has supplied and enjoy yourself! However, if you want to get the best possible bonus, then it is always a good idea to examine the wagering proportion as well as the amount of credit that is being offered. It is the two values together that give you a truer indication of one bonus' worth compared with another.

What Are the Best Bonuses to Hunt?

If you want to win playing casino games, then few bonuses ever shift the odds in your favour. However, if you are playing a long game, then additional credit bonuses will certainly allow you to play for longer than you would otherwise be able to before you exhaust your funds. That said, you should really go for casino bonuses that add the most fun to your play. If you like slots, for instance, then look out for game specific bonuses. They are most often apparent when a new slot is launched. Equally, if you are ready to commit to a regular deposit each month to your account, then look out for high roller or loyalty bonuses which may mean prize upgrades and other tempting offers.

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