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Can Smartwatch Gaming Beat Mobile Gaming?

Casino News

You may have noticed people walking around with large, fancy looking watches on their wrists, and even talking to them, and asked yourself if you’d stepped into some science fiction future. Well, the future is here, and smartwatches are now a common technology wearable. Smartwatches have a number of uses, including accepting text messages, answering phone calls, and helping with various health related essentials. But, how do smart watches fair in the casino gaming department?

Most people play casino games on their smartphones these days, which stands to reason given the enormous amounts of convenience offered. But, with smartwatches now on the scene, perhaps the wisest thing to do is make a switch, and start playing games on a smartwatch? After all, smartwatches are impressive pieces of technology, so surely they offer the best gaming experience?

Let’s take a look and find out.

Graphics Wars

Smartphones are pretty powerful devices, and many are even more powerful than a standard laptop. This means that as far as display and graphics are concerned, smartphones offer a very high level of quality. Amazingly detailed high definition games play on smartphones, without any trouble at all. In fact, some smartphones can even play games that rival those seen on dedicated gaming consoles. Can a smartwatch offer the same experience?

A smartwatch is also pretty powerful, but only when taking into consideration its size. A smartwatch is not nearly as powerful as a smartphone, and this limits what it is capable of displaying. Complicated games with advanced graphics will simply not work at all. But, that is not even the primary limitation of a smartwatch. It happens to have a very small, compact display.

Screen Size

There are varying sizes as far as smartphone screens are concerned, but most are geared towards being as big as possible. This is great for any casino game you wish to play, and it isn’t difficult to see even smaller images displayed in the game. Plus, of course, a bigger screen means more room for your fingertip to manoeuvre. A smartphone is a great device for gaming; there is no doubt about it. Perhaps the only device offering a better casino game experience is a tablet.

Let’s face it; a smartwatch has a small screen. Casino games are playable on the screen, but are required to be boiled down to just a few key images and components. Games like mobile poker are reduced to just showing the cards, which is certainly not impressive to look at. It just can’t be denied; the size of a smartwatch screen is not optimal for playing casino games.


Modern smartphones are small and amazingly compact, especially given what they are capable of. Most will also fit right into a pocket, and can be taken out with relative ease. It’s all very impressive, and phone owners of just a few years ago would turn green with envy. But, if we’re talking about size and convenience, there is one device that has a smartphone beat, hands down.

A device on your wrist is just about as neat and convenient as it’s possible to get in modern times. Smartwatches are so small and light that it is easy to forget you are even wearing them, and that is, of course, the primary reason for smartwatches even existing. In this category the smartwatch is a winner.

Battery Life

One of the major complaints about smartphones is that they tend to run through their batteries very quickly. Bigger screens require more power to operate, and added gizmos and gadgets reduce that battery life even further. Play a demanding casino game and that battery may be dead in as little as an hour. It’s not optimal, and certainly something to take into consideration when not near a charging station.

The smartwatch wins again. A single charge can last days on a smartwatch, depending on how frequently you’re using it. Either way, if it’s a long battery life you’re after the smartwatch is the best choice. Uninterrupted gaming is possible for hours, without even having to think about a charger. Of course, the watch will have to be connected to the phone in order for real money games to be playable.

Best of Both Worlds

There is no question that smartphones offer a superior gaming experience in almost all departments, but that doesn’t mean that smartwatch gaming is without its place. A person on a long car journey would be wise to use their watch instead of their phone to play games, lest they want to run out of battery power very quickly. The watch will have to be connected to the phone, but the phone will last a great deal longer simply relaying information, as opposed to having to use its screen. In other words; playing on a smartphone or smartwatch depends on the situation. Both are, given your need, excellent gaming companions.

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