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What to Do If A Casino Accidentally Pays You Out A Big Win

Marc Armstrong EN

Incorrect Casino PaymentsHere is a hypothetical moral dilemma situation for you; you’re sitting online at your favourite casino, minding your own business, when you suddenly get a notification. The casino has accidentally deposited a large sum of money into your account. How large? Well, given that I can’t predict the currency you’re used to seeing, let’s say its not enough to buy a new car outright, but enough to cover your rent for three months.

Now, before you go pumping your fist in the air and shouting “score,” let’s take a closer look at the situation. After all, it can happen, and when it does happen, we’ll all want to know that we took the situation seriously in advance.

It Has Happened

Before we get into this deep philosophical question, let me just say this; I’m speaking from experience because it has actually happened. That’s not to say it happens every other Tuesday, but it has happened. And the sum in real life was ten thousand United States dollars. I wont tell you what the person I read about did just yet, but keep it in mind.

How did it happen, you ask? Well, it just so happens that when online casinos pay out a certain amount, it is not always automated. An employee at the casino has to make the deposit manually. And as we all know, when putting humans in charge of things, no matter how important, there is at least a fifty per cent chance they will screw it up. That’s how Chernobyl happened, after all.

Do You Keep It?

If life throws a large sum of money in your face, who are you to turn around and throw that money back at life? You keep it, right? A casino wouldn’t miss a measly sum of money like that. Hell, the casino probably makes that sum of cash every other minute. Surely they wont mind you partaking a little in their massive earnings.

Foolishness. There are only a few constants in life, and one of them is that when large sums of money go missing, someone is looking for that large sum of money. It’s like finding a suitcase of money on the side of the road. Taking it is akin to painting a target on your back, and begging the owners of the money to send swarms of assassins after you.

Does an online casino have an assassin department? Of course it does. How else would they get back their misplaced money?

The Spiritual Glow Of Returning Money

Giving back something that has been lost is the closest thing to real spiritual harmony a person can achieve. The clouds part, shafts of light warm your face, and a chorus of angels sing you into a deep, restful slumber. I know, it’s happened to me on several occasions.

Yes, the correct thing to do is give the money back. But even if not calling the decision “correct” in a philosophical sense, it will take the wind out of assassin sails, and grant you more days on this beautiful planet of ours. A windless assassin is no threat to anyone, after all.

Giving Back The Money

But let’s talk seriously for a second. The person I read about contacted the casino to inform them they were accidentally giving him a large sum of money. And, would you believe it, the payment still somehow managed to go through. Chernobyl, remember?

The situation was eventually resolved, and in thanks for the honesty of the person, the casino handed over a great deal in online bonus cash. See? Handing back lost money is often a reward all of it’s own, even if not in the form of shafts of light and singing angels.

Dealing With Your Casino

This story does have a real point, though, and it’s this; getting in touch with an online casino about problems is a great deal faster, and more efficient, than many assume. A lot of those who play at online casinos still have a notion that getting in touch with customer support is a process of typing up an email, sending it, and waiting for the carrier pigeon that brings the response.

Modern customer support has come a long way. Like, a really, really long way, and getting help with problems is more or less instant. Most online casinos now have live chat systems, which means that the response time is no longer based on the stamina of a pigeon.

Yes, not every online casino uses a live chat system these days, but the vast majority of the good online casinos do. In fact, if your online casino is not using a live chat system, you would be well within your right to raise your eyebrow very firmly, and ask why! Or hope that they accidentally send you a large sum of money…

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