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Casino Odds Explained

Every casino game is, at some level, a game of chance. Slots games are one hundred per cent chance, with very little a player can do but try and maximise wins and minimise losses. Even games that can be dramatically swayed by skill, such as Blackjack, have an element of chance that cannot be controlled. This element of chance in casino games may also be referred to, as odds, and it is important that anyone who takes gaming seriously understand these odds, at least on a basic level.

**Using Blackjack as an Example **

When playing Blackjack every hand of two cards dealt has a chance of being bust if another card is called for. The trick for the player is, naturally, knowing when to call for another card, and when to stand, based on the risk involved. It may seem like a straightforward situation at first glance, but there are many factors involved that determine the risk of hitting or standing.

A player who has been dealt a Queen and a six can be said to have a roughly sixty two per cent chance of going bust if hitting. On the surface, many may just look at the number sixteen and conclude that it is not close enough to twenty-one to stand, and therefore call for another card. A sixty two per cent chance of failing, however, is not a good risk if you want to be a successful Blackjack player. Rather then making the decision at this point time, you may forget that there is another factor involved.

Play The Game Properly

The game of Blackjack is not about getting as close to twenty one as possible, as many believe. It is in fact about getting closer to twenty one than the dealer. If you stand on twelve, and the dealer busts, you are a winner, regardless of the fact that twelve is a long way from twenty one. A single card of the dealer’s hand is being revealed for a reason; it gives the player an idea of what kind of hand the dealer can draw.

A player must make a decision on standing, therefore, based not just on the odds of going bust, but also the odds of the dealer having a good hand. If the dealer has a picture card revealed, it should be a red flag for the player. A picture card has high odds of turning into a good hand, and hence, in the previously mentioned situation, the player might want to take the sixty two per cent risk to improve their hand beyond the sixteen.

This is the beginning of understanding how odds play a very important role in casino games.

Roulette and Odds

Roulette is a very interesting game where odds are concerned, given that the game itself is presented in such a way that the statistics make sense to the eye. The Roulette wheel clearly displays its pockets, and the white ball behaves in a fashion that no one can alter, no matter how hard they try.

So the question is, what are the odds of winning in Roulette?

If, for example, you are the kind of player that likes to bet on the even money games, such as choosing either red or black, you may believe that the odds of winning are fifty per cent, but you’d would be wrong in this assumption. Many players tend to forget that the zero pocket is neither red nor black, and there is a chance the white ball will land in it. This means that the chances of red or black being hit are, in fact, 48.6 per cent. This is still a relatively good deal as far as casino games go, but the payment will always only be even money.

A player should, instead, balance out the money bet with risk by spreading bets around the table. In this fashion a person can increase their odds of winning back at least some money up to as much as ninety per cent. The payouts will be, of course, barely enough to cover the bet itself, if that, meaning that the bet is hardy worth the time. The best angle is to find a system that gives good odds, while still presenting a real possibility of getting back decent money.

Odds Wizards

Those with exceptional mathematical minds understand odds to such an extent that they may play casino games as a profession, virtually guaranteeing that they win at a chosen game. For those of us that are not maths geniuses, the best bet is to at least understand the odds involved on a basic level, and do our best to find a strategy that gives good results.

There are many free guides available online that explains worthwhile strategies. Consider learning some of them, and taking advantage of the odds involved in casino games for your benefit.

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