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Why Casinos Offer Free Games

When it comes to gambling online, there are many advantages when compared to gambling at a land-based casino. For starters, players can access and play all the latest slots and casino games, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer or mobile device. Then you have the sheer variety of games on offer. Not even the biggest land based casinos in the world can compete with the number of games available online. From poker to craps, slots to keno, bingo to baccarat and just about everything in-between, you can find it all online.

But for most players, the best part about playing online is being able to access and play free casino games without ever needing to make a casino deposit. In land-based casinos, free gaming just does not exist. So why do online casinos offer free games? This is a question a lot of people have asked but don’t really have to answer to. We take a look at why casinos offer free games and what they get out of the deal.

Why it Doesn’t Work On Land

Let’s take a look at land based casinos for a moment. We all know that land based casinos offer casino games, table games and sometimes bingo and keno. In most cases, getting to a land based casino requires a bit of drive and a good slot of time set aside for the afternoon or evening. So if you are planning a trip to the casino, are you really going to go through all that effort just to stand in front of a slot machine, click a few buttons and walk away with nothing but the feeling of being entertained. No, what you want is the whole casino experience including having the opportunity to win big.

Convenience of Online Casinos

On the other hand, you have the online casino industry. Getting online is as easy as whipping out your smartphone or sitting down in front of your laptop. With a decent internet connection, you can be online and logged in within 60 seconds. Suddenly you have the entire casino floor at your fingertips. So here comes the important part. Why do online casinos offer free casino games? We can look at it though a simple example. Have you ever wondered why girls get free entry into night clubs? The answer is simple. If all the girls are inside the club, the guys will want to go inside no matter what the cost.

The Main Idea

Let’s translate this to the casino. If you are playing casino games for free day after day, chances are at some point your games are going to start winning some seriously big virtual cash. This leads you to stop and think “What if I was actually playing for real money, I could be rolling in it by now.” This then leads you to head to the cashier section and make a deposit. Suddenly you are given all these rewards like free spins and cash match bonuses. You then start to get excited and feel this is the right decision. If you do end up winning some decent cash, it will all stem from the fact that it was all shown to you while you were playing for free.

Trying Out New Games

Another reason why online casinos offer free games is to give players the ability to try out new games and hone their skills on games like poker, blackjack and other table games. Most people will not just jump into a casino game without knowing what it is about, the bonus features and what the jackpot payouts are. This is especially the case when it comes to video slots. Even the most experienced players will play a few rounds for free and get an idea of the payouts before they commit to playing for real money.

Graduating to Real Money

Similarly, players who are just starting out and want to try their hand at blackjack will not have a great time if they just jump right in and play for real money. Learning how the game works is all part of the process. Online casinos understand that players need to feel comfortable with a game before they commit to putting down their money. So in a way, free casino games actually benefit the players and the casino. For the players, we all get to enjoy playing our favourite slots and table games without worrying about the consequences.

For the casino, they get to bring in new players without worrying about scaring them off with big losses on their first day playing online. If we have a look at the simple statistics of the casino industry, the number of players who go on to make a deposit and become regular depositors far outweighs the number of players who give up or never ever make a deposit. Eventually curiosity gets the better of us and we all want to be able to win something at the end of the day.

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