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These Strange Bets Weren’t Made At The Online Casino

Luis Suarez CL interview

Most of us are happy to keep our bets limited to our , like blackjack, poker, and slots. But there’s always that one person who’s a little different… Throughout the years, people have made some weird bets, and some of them have even cashed out on them. Would you take any of these gambles? We think we’ll stick with poker… 1. A bet that bit Remember Luis Suarez? Yeah, the biter. The Uruguayan football player is known for having been thrown out of games for biting two opponents, in 2010 and 2013. So a Norwegian gambling site wondered…did he learn his lesson, or was he once a biter always a biter? The optimists lost this one: in 2014, Suarez took a chomp at Italian player Giorgio Chiellini and the site lost the bet. 2. Racing to the prize Back in the 18th century, a cheeky butcher bet the Early of Barrymore that he’d beat him in a foot race. The catch was the butcher was a very fat man, so he was allowed a head start and allowed to choose ...Continue reading

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