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Spin Palace Casino Blog

5 Ways Casino Apps Improve Online Gaming

Man playing on phone.

We’d be willing to bet that your smart phone isn’t far away right now—or even that it’s in your hand as you read this. We take our phones everywhere and rely on them for just about everything, like news, entertainment, and staying connected. So if you love playing online casino games, using a casino app to access your favorite games is a no-brainer. Spin Casino’s offers engaging and responsive technology so you can enjoy all the best games no matter where you are. Playing online casino games is already super convenient, because it lets you play any time without having to visit an expensive, crowded on-land casino. But you can take the fun to the next level when you download a casino app to your device, opening up a world of gambling possibilities. Here are 5 reasons to start playing in a casino app. 1. Unbeatable Convenience Let’s be honest: we take our phones everywhere and spend a lot of time on them. So when you have a casino app on your ...Continue reading

Book Of Atem - Riches Of The Pharaohs

Book Of Artem Logo

There are few periods in history more captivating than ancient Egypt. Stretching back thousands of years before recorded history, so much of the knowledge and riches of ancient Egypt has been lost to time. These riches are so enticing that you can’t go anywhere in Las Vegas without seeing Egyptian themes and decorations. Now you can get a taste of the grandeur and treasures of ancient Egypt from the comfort of your own home. Get ready to enter the magic world hidden within Book of Atem, a from all41studios. Discover the treasures of Ancient Egypt Atum, or Atem was an important deity in ancient Egypt. He was known as the first god and the one who created the world. As you play Book of Atem you can expect to be whisked to a magical world of ancient wonders. You’ll be able to feast your eyes and ears on the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt as you try to unlock the untold riches of the pharaohs. If you’re a lover of history or all things Egypt, then this game is ...Continue reading

Attack on Retro: A Bombdigity Slot!

Attack on Retro Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Step into the nostalgic 80s of the 22nd century. It is the year 2187 and high-tech boom boxes and anything neon purple is happen’en (again). But before you get too comfortable in your Vans and shoulder pads, you must save the citizens of Retro City from extraterrestrial robots and pending doom. Triple Edge Studios in partnership with has decided to take players into a cyberpunk adventure to combat robots with laser beams and win up to 5,000 times their wagers. Their new game, Attack on Retro, is set to be released this March 3rd and you will not want to miss it. Expect futuristic graphics and upbeat music as you explore all the features the slot game has to offer. With Scatters, Random Wilds, Hyperspins, and multiple chances to win big, you’ll be more than motivated to save Retro City and its citizens. These Symbols Will Take You Back… to the Future Attack on Retro has 5 reels themed to the 80s of the future—and what a brightly-lit future awaits us all! ...Continue reading

Heed the Call of the Woods!

Wonder Woods new game; Spin Palace Blog

Few locales hold the same pull as the woods. The dark, twisting paths, the dominant behemoths that line every route and the hidden, undiscovered corners that conceal a myriad of secrets – it’s no wonder that man has long been intrigued by these untamed lands. Now, Spin Palace online casino is bringing you a game that combines the fun of your favourite with the majesty and mystery of fabled forests. Filled with intrigue and mystery and brought to life in vivid, colourful graphics, the Wonder Woods are the ideal spot for a stroll and a high-octane five-reel game. Players are challenged to delve into the heart of this alluring setting and discover the treasures that this woodland holds. Match a series of symbols and you could leave the forest with major winnings. Into the Woods Wonder Woods recalls the joys of youth, as you venture deep into the forest in search of berries and fruit. This isn’t your typical day of berry-picking, though. Line up enough identical ...Continue reading

These Strange Bets Weren’t Made At The Online Casino

Luis Suarez CL interview

Most of us are happy to keep our bets limited to our , like blackjack, poker, and slots. But there’s always that one person who’s a little different… Throughout the years, people have made some weird bets, and some of them have even cashed out on them. Would you take any of these gambles? We think we’ll stick with poker… 1. A bet that bit Remember Luis Suarez? Yeah, the biter. The Uruguayan football player is known for having been thrown out of games for biting two opponents, in 2010 and 2013. So a Norwegian gambling site wondered…did he learn his lesson, or was he once a biter always a biter? The optimists lost this one: in 2014, Suarez took a chomp at Italian player Giorgio Chiellini and the site lost the bet. 2. Racing to the prize Back in the 18th century, a cheeky butcher bet the Early of Barrymore that he’d beat him in a foot race. The catch was the butcher was a very fat man, so he was allowed a head start and allowed to choose ...Continue reading

4 Casino Myths You Should Know

Online casino games are still games of chance; Spin Palace Blog

Like most things in the age of the Internet, people thought online casinos seemed a little suspect when they first launched. If you can’t see the dealer, how do you know they’re playing fair? Is the game rigged? We’ve all heard these myths, but research shows that online casino games are as fair as on-land casino games. Read on for a look at the most common myths so that you can bet confidently in Myth #1: Online casino games are rigged Games being rigged is definitely the most common concern of online gamblers. Even though we trust the Internet with almost every aspect of our lives, it’s sometimes hard to trust that we aren’t the ones being played when we’re playing online. After all, you can’t see someone in front of you dealing the cards, or the slot reels spinning in front of you. The good news is that casinos know no one wants to play a rigged game, so they audit their software to make sure all the games are fair. Myth #2: ...Continue reading

Find The Lost Sphinx…And Great Winnings!

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx logo; Spin Palace blog

Take a daring journey when you play Jungle Jim and The Lost Sphinx, available in starting 6 November. Jungle Jim is back and ready for adventure in this new game from Stormcraft Studios. He needs your help to find the lost sphinx…and you can find some winnings for yourself along the way! Jungle Jim’s latest adventure awaits We’ve met Jungle Jim before in the popular slot El Dorado, and now he’s back for more with the next chapter of his adventure. This time he’s hunting the secret chamber of the Lost Sphinx, which holds immense treasures and a long-lost relic. The game’s fun animations and great graphics, designed by Stormcraft Studios for , immerse players in Jungle Jim’s world. The vivid graphics are accompanied by a background soundtrack that will keep build anticipation as you move toward the hidden chamber to claim your prize! You’ll follow Jungle Jim to the Egyptian desert, where you’ll take a spin on classic slot with ...Continue reading

Looking For An Instant Casino Payout?

E-wallets put your winnings in your pocket

You may play in a mobile casino just for the love of the game, but chances are you’re also in it for the winnings. Playing casino games online is a great way to earn money, but it can sometimes be confusing or frustrating when it comes time to actually withdraw the money you’ve earned. If you’re like many players, you’re looking for an instant or , so here are some tips on the quickest, most secure ways to withdraw your winnings. The fastest method: e-wallets E-wallets have been used since the early days of online gambling. They’ve become one of the because they’re a fast and reliable way to access winnings from your favourite online casino. You’ll need an account through an e-wallet service like Neteller or Skrill. Accounts are easy and fast to set up, so there aren’t additional delays in the process. There are also shorter wait times for your money to be deposited: with e-wallets, you will generally only have to wait for 24 ...Continue reading

What VR Casino Games Can You Play?

VR Man

Casino Games That Make Use of Virtual Reality Technology Virtual reality (VR) has been deployed by all sorts of technology companies to make a more immersive experience. Sometimes, VR is used for pure entertainment and sometimes for much more serious applications, such as training people to experience potentially dangerous situations in a consequence-free virtual environment. In the past, VR equipment was expensive and you needed to wear rather large stereoscopic headsets that were hooked up to local servers providing the images in front of the wearer's eyes. Today, the technology is much lighter, easier to use and much less expensive. You can even make use of the positioning technology in conventional smart devices rather than rely on specialist VR headsets. What's even more impressive is that the data that needs to flow back and forth from the display equipment and the server can be ...Continue reading

America Gets the Go Ahead on Sports Betting

America Gets the Go Ahead on Sports Betting

The Supreme Court has given the go-ahead on sports betting on a state-by-state level. In other words, each state will be able to decide whether or not it will allow sports betting. Naturally there will be a divided opinion. There will be those who rejoice and those who see it as a step in the wrong direction. Quite frankly, I’m not surprised. Sports betting has brought the integrity of sport into question, which is why there is dissent around this topic. On the other hand, now that the ban has been lifted, it means that something that’s been in the dark can now be exposed to the light and be fully regulated, and that’s good news for everyone. It’s not going to happen overnight either. Yes, stock in certain gaming corporations has risen, and a couple of states already have laws in place and are ready to move ahead. But from the looks of things, many states don’t have ...Continue reading

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