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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Unmissable Netflix Documentaries

Netflix bringing you all the documentaries to choose from; Spin Palace Blog

Dinner table conversation-starters no longer have to be challenging with unfamiliar people because Netflix has your back. Just break the ice by asking what everyone is watching right now. And while a lot of people find pleasure sharing the funniest pages to follow on Instagram or their favourite to bet on, plenty will fill you in on the best stuff on the telly. When it comes to documentaries, Netflix promises many to add on your list to watch. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez had a promising football career ahead of him before it was all cut short with a murder conviction. This Netflix documentary features interviews with insiders and former teammates who relive the events that led to the NFL player taking his own life at just 28 years old. Don't F**k With Cats An anonymous psychopath shocks the internet when he uploads a YouTube video showing him murder two cats. This provokes an army of reasonably angry online sleuths to track down the criminal using as many ...Continue reading

World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Oahu beach, Hawaii; Spin Palace Blog

Who doesn’t love the beach and relaxing after a long, hard year at the office on a well-deserved holiday? Today, we have decided to bring you a story about twelve most beautiful beaches in the world, to help you plan your next vacation! And, of course, with views like this, you should take a break from the gaming, and spend a day in the sun and relax in the waves. So, here’s a list of each of the beaches. 1.Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii The Sunset Beach is probably one of the best places in the world for watching big wave surfing in winter. However, in summer, the water here is as calm as a lake, which makes it a perfect place for snorkelling. The sunsets here are truly spectacular, and if you you just might be able to watch the beautiful evening views directly from your balcony! 2.Banana Beach, Koh Hey (Coral) Island, Phuket, Thailand Banana Beach is gorgeous, with the backdrop of ridiculously green jungle, and filled with crystal clear water. It’s actually a ...Continue reading

An A-Z List Of Important Pokies Terms

Neon light casino signage; Spin Casino Blog

Recently, we have been sharing articles with you about various online pokie games, and today we thought we’d bring you a small glossary to make your gaming experience in the even more smooth and pleasant! And if you need more information, have a look at this comprehensive - it’s amazing! Action  Pokie machine action describes all of the pokie machine playing time, accumulated by the player. Bet max  Number of credits on a pokie machine that a player can bet per spin. Cashback  Refers to rewards or compensations, given to the pokie club card players. Doubles  This term usually refers to symbols on the pokie machines that, when they come up in two at a time, double the amount is won. Excitement  What a pokie player feels when s/he wins a massive jackpot! Free spin  Free spins are usually offered as bonus features on bonus pokie games. Sometimes they are stacked, depending on the game. Games per hour  On average, a player ...Continue reading

Seven Reasons Behind The E-Book Phenomenon

E-book; Spin Palace Blog

Reading has undergone a massive paradigm shift over the last couple of decades following the advent of the internet, e-books and perhaps most importantly, e-readers. Today, you can literally walk around with hundreds, even thousands of e-books inside compact . And when you get tired of reading, these e-readers can be used to surf the web, check email, and even play games. However, the appeal of e-books and e-readers are not limited to just the above factors. There are several other functional and logistical reasons behind their surge in popularity. Multifunctionality of E-books As alluded to earlier, e-book readers are highly versatile devices. Modern e-readers are sometimes as powerful as tablets and smartphones. You can listen to music, engage in social media banter or visit an online Casino or two while commuting on the bus or train. Heck, you can even install shopping or banking apps on these devices instead of using your tiny smartphone. Easy on the Eyes Modern ...Continue reading

Top Six Board Games For Adults

Board Games; Spin Palace Blog

In the age of realistic videogames on PC and game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and Wii, you could be forgiven for thinking that board games have become extinct. However, board game sales have actually been growing steadily over the years – analysts even predict that sales revenue will almost double from ! And the trend is not just a temporary one simply because they were featured on popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things. Board games are powerful social tools that bring people together and create a sense of camaraderie even among strangers. They also provide a respite from the stress and technological overload of modern life. Some organisations even use adult board games as team building tools during retreats. In fact, even Spin Palace’s mobile casino community members turn to adult board games when they need a break from playing their favourite games. Many players schedule weekly gatherings with their besties and among themselves to play ...Continue reading

Gambling Innovations: Live Dealer

The dealer comes into focus

The landscape of the casino industry is one of constant flow. The technological innovations geared towards making players comfortable are constantly being revisited. Even the more traditional games, primarily table games, are getting updated to provide patrons with more options. To say that the days of the land-based casino industry are numbered would be a bit of a stretch, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the industry has made an indelible mark on gambling and continues to do so.  For the longest time land-based casinos held the key essentials required to make them more appealing options, namely the real-time factor – actually being in a casino and facing a dealer.  However, the tide began to change when innovative minds within the online casino industry began to see another avenue of exploration, namely that of the . What Is A Live Dealer Game? A live dealer games is one in which the player can remote into a session from the comfort of his or her ...Continue reading

Gambling Innovations: Famous Casino Games

Find virtual fame online; Spin Palace Blog

What better way is there to attract the attention of the customer, than by basing your product on something the customer already likes? Established franchises, singers, movies, actors – famous things and famous people almost always make the sale of a product better, hence the mega endorsement deals that often ensue in the world of sport and celebrities.  And let’s face it, there have been loads of endorsement deals over the years; George Clooney and Nespresso, Beyonce and Pepsi, 50 Cent and Vitamin Water to name but three. gaming content providers have also taken full advantage of famous people, actors, and intellectual properties in order to attract more customers, boost revenues and provide lucrative odds.   The use of intellectual property in a casino game is most often applied to online slots as these games are most suited for the job.  A slot machine is perfectly designed to showcase a concept and it does so by way of its reels and bonus games, ...Continue reading

Tips For Smartphone Use While Travelling

Plane wing; Spin Palace Blog

Recently, we shared an article with you about the rise mobile usage, and we all know that a smartphone is one of the most powerful tools in a traveller’s arsenal. Today, we have decided to share with you some of the best tips for using your mobile phone on the road, and some of the best ‘traveller’s’ smartphones. After all, most modern websites are coded to include mobile-friendly pages, which makes them ideal for gaming at your favourite . Can you imagine a time when people didn’t have mobiles when they went travelling? Paper maps (which had to be bought and sometimes weren’t accurate), having to carry heavy camera just to take snapshots, having to buy film (and process it later), not being able to contact emergency services when required… It must have been very difficult! So if you are going to hit the road, it would be good to decide whether you will need the phone for . We have collected a list of our best phone picks for travelling ...Continue reading

Relive The 80s With The Electric Avenue!

Electric Avenue Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Are you yearning for the days of big hair and perms, Duran Duran, shoulder pads, head bands, Ray-Bans, and Tom Cruise? Do you long for like SEGA, Atari and NES featuring games with bright colours, rhythmic synth music and pixelated letters and images? We totally get it, man. That is why we’re so pleased to announce the arrival of the Electric Avenue slot game, which is designed to capture the spirit of the 1980s! What’s more, Spin Palace is the only which has been granted exclusive pre-launch access to the game before its release! So join in the revelry for one month beginning from 12 May 2020. To paraphrase Mr. T, we pity the fool who miss this amazing opportunity! What Is Electric Avenue? Electric Avenue is a 6-reel and 4-row slot game produced by indie game developer All41 Studios exclusively for Microgaming. The game was developed to expand Microgaming’s retro-themed slots portfolio as well as to introduce a game which offers multiple free spin ...Continue reading

Pre-Release Exclusive of Lucky Riches Hyperspins

Lucky Riches Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Spin Palace is proud to announce that Microgaming’s latest online slot game, Lucky Riches Hyperspins, will be available exclusively on Spin Casino starting from 7 April 2020. For one whole month, you can experience Microgaming’s most exciting game of 2020 at the best in town! So tell your neighbours and sing to your friends – Lucky Riches Hyperspins is coming to town! Overview of Lucky Riches Hyperspins Lucky Riches Hyperspins is a 5 x 3 spinning reels slot game developed by Slingshot Studios, an independent game studio which develops games exclusively for Microgaming. The game theme revolves around a rich opulent lifestyle characterised by bold, bright colours with a faded cityscape serving as the backdrop. 3D letters, numbers, casino chips, bells and dice are used as reel symbols to give a casino-like feel to the game. The beautiful golden borders provide the game with an added touch of luxury. No one will be the least surprised if you feel the urge to put on ...Continue reading

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