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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Wagering Requirements Basics

A stack of casino chips and a credit card on a laptop computer - Spin Palace Blog

Casino wagering requirements can be confusing to players new to online gambling. They sign up to a new online wagering site, receive their free bonus, and decide to take a few spins. But then, when it comes time to cash out, they can’t. Players can put these wagering tips and tricks to the test when they have a free moment on Spin Palace online . What is wagering? In the world of online gambling a is money spent on placing a bet. This bet can be on online slots, online table games, or online sports wagering. If a player is asked to place money on it for a chance to win more money, then it’s a wager. What wagering requirements are When a new player signs up to an online casino they will likely receive bonus money as a reward to get them started. Most casinos will grant this money to players on the condition that wagering requirements are met before any winnings can be withdrawn. The wagering requirements vary between casinos as does the bonus money offered. These ...Continue reading

You’ll Never Walk Alone With 11 Champions

New Video Slot 11 Champions - Spin Casino Blog

From the dawn of time, humans have understood that there is safety in numbers. At first, it was merely a matter of survival as they collectively fought against wild beasts and predators of the primitive world. Thereafter, they leveraged the concept of strength in numbers in hunting, creating and defending societies, and subsequently, conquests. As civilizations matured, the tribalistic instinct inherent in all of us was suppressed for generations – until the advent of sports. Sports provide an outlet for us to once again seek collective comfort against adversaries by becoming part of a tribe. Sports also help us to improve our self-esteem and self-image through a psychological concept known as (BIRG). This phenomenon is nowhere more apparent than in football, which, as legendary former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said, is much more serious than life and death. With practically every professional football league in Europe currently closed due to safety concerns, ...Continue reading

Travel back to the long-lost age of King Arthur


From across the mists of time and the age of legends, beckons to us. What secrets did he find during his heroic quest for the Grail, and what mysteries have lain hidden for over a 1000 years? Do you yearn to visit this lost age? To travel alongside the Knights of the Round Table, Guinevere and Merlin and follow in the footsteps of this famous king? The wait is over! We are delighted to announce the arrival of the , Arthur’s Gold™, specially designed to capture the essence of the early Medieval age! Suit up your armour, saddle your horse, and prepare yourself for the thrill of Arthur's Gold beginning from 20 July 2020. Uncovering Arthur’s Gold Arthur’s Gold™ is a 5-reel and 3-row slots online game developed by Nevada-based Gold Coin Studios and Microgaming. Founded by industry veterans with over 200 combined years of gaming experience, Arthur’s Gold™ brings the exciting tales and adventures of the renowned King to your favourite ...Continue reading

Guide To Wagering Requirements

A stack of casino chips and a credit card on a laptop computer - Spin Palace Blog

Beginners to online and mobile casino gambling might be confused by the concept of wagering requirements. While they might seem like a trick on the part of the casino, there are actually very good reasons for these wagering requirements to exist. After all, these wagering requirements do come with bonus betting money, so there’s a give and take to it all. We’ve put together a short guide to help new players make the most of their wagering requirements when signing up to an like Spin Palace. What is a wager? Simply put, a is any money that is spent by a player on placing a bet. In the context of online gambling, a wager can be spent on a such as slots, table games, or even on sports betting. If the player puts money down on a possibility of something with the intention of winning more money from it, then it counts as a wager. Wagering requirements meaning Most online casinos offer sign-up bonuses to new players as an incentive and a reward for registering for an ...Continue reading

Age Of Conquest - High Fantasy

Age of Conquest Spin Palace Blog

For lovers of high fantasy and epic legends, Age of Conquest is here. Expect a dose of swords, sorcery, mysticism, and melee in an exciting new online slots adventure. All this is presented with richly detailed art and polished gameplay from Microgaming and Neon Valley Studios. Players can set forth on an adventure with Age of Conquest, or try many other slots or table games like online Blackjack at Spin Palace . High-fantasy flare The setting for Age of Conquest is a mythical battlefield against the backdrop of a formidable mountain castle. Within this castle the forces of light and dark clash in an epic battle to seize control of the kingdom and the treasures inside.. The forces of light are led by a young elven knight who leads his army of men from atop his armoured mount. The forces of dark are led by a mystical sorceress who rides a mighty griffin, commanding an army of sorcerers who wield ancient and powerful magic. While both sides vie for control of the castle and the ...Continue reading

Virtual Reality Reshaping Online Casinos

A man looking at a mug through a virtual reality headset he’s wearing - Spin Palace Blog

Once viewed as impossible, virtual reality technology has now become a reality. The technology is becoming more widespread and it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past couple of years. Already, VR technology is reshaping how online casinos work, making it possible to enjoy lifelike versions of your favourite casino games. To appreciate how virtual reality casinos work it’s prudent to start by understanding exactly what virtual reality is. Breaking Down Virtual Reality Virtual reality is a computer technology that uses multi-projected environments or virtual reality headsets to create simulated environments. The technology generates realistic sounds, images, and other sensations such as touch to mimic a person’s physical presence in a virtual environment. Virtual reality is a step up from traditional user interfaces that lack interaction with 3D worlds. To date, VR technology has not been fully explored. The future will probably include the merging of ...Continue reading

What Is The Catch Of The Day?

New Slot Wild Catch - Spin Palace Blog

As the waves lap against your waders and the fishing lure bobs in the water, what lies beneath the river surface waiting to be caught? Will you hook a trout or carp, play out more lures or reel in your catch? As summer approaches, do you long for the simpler pleasures of fishing - casting of the line, teasing out the fish and landing the catch of the day? We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Wild Catch slot game at , which is designed to capture the spirit of fishing! Pick your spot, ready the bait and cast off your line and enjoy the Wild Catch fishing challenge beginning from 30 June 2020. What Is Wild Catch? Wild Catch is a 5-reel and 5-row based slot game developed exclusively for Microgaming by South African-based Stormcraft studios - founded by industry veterans in 2016. Wild Catch was originally developed to expand Microgaming’s themed slots online games and Stormcraft’s exciting work combines the classic Rolling Reels™ and Growing Wilds™ ...Continue reading

Review: Miami Glow

New Slot Miami Glow -  Spin Palace Blog

Source: Microgaming The 80’s are back and flashier than ever in Miami Glow, a brand new online slots game from Snowborn games and Microgaming. Miami Glow presents players with an awesome retro 80’s aesthetic that’s sure to catch few eyes. With colorful decorations, relaxing music and easy-to-grasp mechanics, Miami Glow is an easily approachable game for players of all experience levels. Let’s take a look under the hood with this brand new game available at Spin Palace online casino. Basking in the glow Anyone who has ever seen the likes of Scarface or Miami Vice will be instantly familiar with the neon aesthetic of Miami Glow. The team behind the game worked hard to replicate a sense of the films and TV shows that inspired the game’s striking aesthetic. The unique symbols for the game include the pink diamond, cocktail, flamingo and kiss. There are also the Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs symbols, as well as Wild, Sticky Wild and Glow Bonus ...Continue reading

Double Lucky Line - Twice The Fun

Double Lucky Line

Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, are you feeling lucky? What about double lucky? Well today can be your double lucky day with Double Lucky Line. Double Lucky Line is an exciting new video slot game from Just For The Win Studios. You can expect a colourful and exciting experience filled with Chinese symbols of good luck as you attempt to strike it double lucky. With so many symbols and reels on offer you can sit back, relax and enjoy some . With Double Lucky Line, luck is always on your side. Made to be lucky Symbols of good luck are common throughout Chinese culture. From colours, to numbers, to symbols and statues, lucky charms come in all shapes and sizes. These charms are often seen decorating Chinese homes and businesses in the hopes that they’ll bring prosperity. Much of the legend surrounding these symbols stems from riddles or wordplay stretching far back in Chinese history. Numbers play a big part in this culture of luck due to the part they play in ...Continue reading

The Romans Are On The March Again!

Legends tell the story of how Mars, the God of War, descended unto the ancient city of Latium and impregnated Rhea Silvia, one of the Vestal Virgins of a Vesta temple. She bore him twins, . Alas, her uncle, King Amulius ordered the infants to be killed because he feared that the boys would one day dethrone him. Romulus and Remus were thrown on the banks of the river Tiber, and would have died of cold and starvation was it not for the intervention of the river god Tiberinus. The twins were taken to a cave where they suckled milk from Lupa, a she-wolf. A shepherd would later adopt them, and the boys spent their childhood as sheepherders, blissfully unaware of their royal lineage and destiny. But fate eventually caught up with them. They would go to overthrow their great-uncle and restored their grandfather, Numitor, to the throne. Not long after, they also established a new kingdom of their own - a kingdom that is the greatest the world has ever known; a kingdom that spanned from ...Continue reading

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