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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Skipping Egg-Hunting To Find Real Treasure

Treasure Skyland logo; Spin Palace Blog

With Easter holidays well on their way and little bunnies gearing up for good-old egg hunting, can a new game coming to your favourite on March 24th really take the shine? This new and exciting game is just the right kind of sweetness with adventure and possible winnings included. Just imagine you’re a pirate monkey and have yellow-gold bananas lurking somewhere in the horizon waiting for you to find and devour them, with incredible prizes along the way. So you can skip egg-hunting to find the real treasure in this adventurous game. What Gaming Dreams Are Made Of Get set for the ultimate adventure in Treasure Skyland. With three monkeys adventuring through the floating islands in search for a banana utopia, it’s going to be an electrifying journey that’ll feel like it’s being led by Jack Sparrow. With this new game from , you can hunt for yellow-gold bananas that may lead to big rewards. Treasure Skyland is a consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines, ...Continue reading

5 Online Casino Innovations

Innovation lights up the world; Spin Palace Blog

especially in the gaming and entertainment industry. What keeps online casino games from getting boring is that the top developers are always ahead of the game, constantly coming up with inventive means of keeping their fans entertained. At the same time, the industry as a whole has benefited a lot from innovations in other areas that aren’t as obvious. There’s a lot behind the hood of a popular gambling hub like Online than meets the eye! Find out more below. Gambling Innovations: Intellectual Property What better way is there to attract the attention of the customer, than by basing your product on something the customer already likes? Established franchises, singers, movies, actors – famous things and famous people almost always make the sale of a product better, hence the mega endorsement deals that often ensue in the world of sport and celebrities.  And let’s face it, there have been loads of endorsement deals over the years; George Clooney and ...Continue reading

Play Better At Online Casinos By Using E-Books

The best gambling e-books to learn about online casinos are now just a tap away. Image courtesy of Pixabay; Spin Palace Blog

E-books have been causing massive disruptions in the traditional publishing industry over the last decade. This should come as no surprise, really, considering that e-books are inherently superior products compared to printed books. They are accessible round-the-clock from anywhere, offer superior portability and provide greater savings. They are also more environmentally friendly. So take advantage of the convenience of e-books by reading and learning some new tricks from our recommended list of below – they might help you try out new strategies or provide some inspiration on your next visit to Spin Palace’s ! Casino Gambling for Dummies by Kevin Blackwood The Dummies series breaks down complicated topics into easy to understand, bite-size pieces – and it’s no different with this book. Written by biblical scholar turned professional blackjack and poker player Kevin Blackwood, Casino Gambling for Dummies provides a crash course in the mechanics of popular ...Continue reading

4 Casino Myths You Should Know

Online casino games are still games of chance; Spin Palace Blog

Like most things in the age of the Internet, people thought online casinos seemed a little suspect when they first launched. If you can’t see the dealer, how do you know they’re playing fair? Is the game rigged? We’ve all heard these myths, but research shows that online casino games are as fair as on-land casino games. Read on for a look at the most common myths so that you can bet confidently in Myth #1: Online casino games are rigged Games being rigged is definitely . Even though we trust the Internet with almost every aspect of our lives, it’s sometimes hard to trust that we aren’t the ones being played when we’re playing online. After all, you can’t see someone in front of you dealing the cards, or the slot reels spinning in front of you. The good news is that casinos know no one wants to play a rigged game, so they audit their software to make sure all the games are fair. Myth #2: You’ll never get paid This myth is a little ...Continue reading

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