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Spin Palace Casino Blog

6 Things to Avoid When Employing People of Generation Z

Team-Meeting im Büro

If you manage people who were born in generation Z - the term that refers to those born from around 1995 to 2005 - then there can be little doubt that this age group think about their careers differently. Given that this group makes up a significant segment of the workforce, dealing with generation Z from a human resources point of view is imperative to get right. All too often, medium-sized and large organisations fail to get to grips with the demands of this 'in-between' age group who, incidentally, should not be lumped in with millennials. Get your management of generation Z right now and ensure you retain the key staff who will form the leadership of your business in the coming years. 1. Be More Open-Minded Generation Z is quite a liberal one. So long as their rights don't impinge on anyone else's, people from this age group are likely to be open-minded. Attitudes to gambling, for ...Continue reading

7 Professional Gay Footballers

Professional Football Players Who Have Come Out

With plenty of international caps to his name and a handful of goals, Mats Hummels is well-known for his ability to articulate clearly on a wide range of issues in football. When asked about homosexuality in the professional game in Germany, the skilled defender offered a nuanced response which cannot have been lost on any of his colleagues who happen to be gay. He was reported to have said that it will take a really big player to come out to shift perceptions in the sport. Hummels noted that football is one of the few areas of culture in society where there is - apparently, at least - no male homosexuality. He pointed out that though a player might come out as gay after the end of his career, this does not mean that homosexuality starts only once football has ended. The married father joked that a man doesn't become gay only when he has stopped showering with other men for 20 years. ...Continue reading

What Happened To World Cup Winner Mesut Özil?

Playing for Arsenal

A player who was widely regarded as among the most skillful attacking wingers in the world during his pomp, Mesut Özil has recently been seen on the substitutes bench more frequently than he has started for his club. Özil, who has been a key part of the German national squad in three World Cup campaigns, has few peers in terms of his distinguished playing career. And yet, some fans at his North London club, Arsenal, are concerned about his current form, commitment and the longevity of his career. The 30-year-old midfielder may be in the autumn of his career but with such pedigree, few top sides would not wish to have his experience and skills on board. Why then is there so much talk about his future at Arsenal? Mesut Özil garners attention wherever he goes. The focus is sharper on him than other players right across the globe because of the very fact that he has enjoyed so much success ...Continue reading

What You Need to Know About the 2019 Super Bowl

Tom brady patriots

The annual Super Bowl, which is the pinnacle of the American football season, now has a global reach. It is regularly watched by over 100 million Americans and is increasingly popular in Japan, UK, Mexico, Sweden, Germany and Australia as well as at home. The 2019 edition of the competition will be the 53rd Super Bowl which marks the end of the normal season for professional American football sides. The annual contest is played out by the two winners of each of the sports conferences, the AFC and the NFC. The excitement generated by the Super Bowl remains as solid as ever and the 2019 encounter looks set to be a classic. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Super Bowl LIII. 1. Where and when will the game take place? This 2019 Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 3rd. The venue that has been chosen is the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, ...Continue reading

What’s On Ethan Hunt’s List of Top 5 Songs?

Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt

Source: FLOOD Magazine A source who did not want to be named got the surprise of his life when he responded to an iPod For Sale ad on a classified website. The seller from whom he collected it turned out to be none other than Impossible Missions Force member, Ethan Hunt, who forgot to restore factory settings. Realising how newsworthy this was, he contacted us immediately. He wasn’t wrong. The top 5 tracks were definitely not what we expected from the man who travels the world and fights criminal masterminds in exotic locations such as those seen in the Mission Impossible movies, and we are sharing them with you. The James Bond Theme – Moby In top place on Ethan Hunt’s iPod is Moby’s energetic version of the famous James Bond theme. It stands to reason that all action heroes need heroes of their own, and who better to inspire Hunt every morning than the greatest agent of ...Continue reading

3D Metal Printing: A Technological Revolution

3D printing set to change the world

Source: Pixabay When bringing up the term 3D printing, many will state that it is a technology that has only been around for the last decade. But it turns out that it was been possible since as early as 1981. Although, of course, the methods have advanced drastically in recent years, but the same basic principals have been in use for decades. However, as of up until just recently, the only practical use for this impressive technology has been extremely limited, used mainly by hobbyists and designers for rapidly creating prototypes. Which is to say; board game figurine designers are amongst the most popular users of modern 3D printers, which pretty much puts the whole industry into perspective. This may all be about to change, however, with 3D metal printing set to become a broad reality in the near future. Just how far reaching are the implications of this new 3D ...Continue reading

How Big Is Africa in Comparison to the Rest of the World?

Massive African plains

When looking at a map of the world, a quick glance will establish what you think you already know about the planet. You have an idea of how the geography of everything fits together, where the United States is, where Europe is, and how everything sits on the globe. The only problem is this; the map you are used to seeing is an enormously inaccurate representation of how big things really are. The world map, most commonly seen, has been designed in order to create something that visually makes sense. The truth is, however, that Africa is depicted at just a fraction of its real size. Recently, Michael Jordaan, former CEO of First National Bank, published a Tweet in which it was visually demonstrated what the real size of the African continent was, and it caused a massive stir across the Twitter-verse. Many are perhaps aware of the fact that Africa is much bigger than is assumed, but when ...Continue reading

Kanye West Makes It To the White House

Trump & Kanye West

On the one hand you have Kanye West. A musician and controversial figure known for making outrageous statements, attempting to steal the spotlight wherever possible, and seeming to have a strong fondness for his own mental image of himself. On the other hand you have Donald Trump, who shares many of the same characteristics as Kanye. Put the two together and what you have is a veritable stewing pot of controversy. Which, speculation is already rife, is probably why the two decided to go face-to-face, and causing an epicentre of controversy that would get them both so much attention that they could practically drown in it. . He delivered a ten-minute speech to Donald Trump, and the United States and the world are already flying back and forth on social media networks, trying to make sense of the bizarre encounter. The Superman Hat Arriving with a “Make America Great Again” hat on his head, Kanye and Trump shared an embrace, with multiple cameras snapping away. ...Continue reading

Creating Perfect Casino Playlists

Frank Sinatra

In the world of movie making, the soundtrack is at least 50% of the experience. Which is to say; music, whether you notice it or not, is a powerful tool for creating an atmosphere. You might have noticed that films based around casinos tend to gravitate towards certain styles of music, which should give you an idea of how much land-based establishments likewise use music as a way to create an ambiance. So, now that you understand the relation between location and soundtrack, you’re ready to start creating your own casino playlist. Be it for a themed party, or just establishing the correct mood for an especially enthusiastic night in playing at your favourite online casino, the same playlist should more or less work for both situations. Grab a pen and start taking notes. It’s Mood, Not Lyrics The wrong approach to creating a casino playlist is to jump straight to ...Continue reading

Why Are Digital Assistants Always Female?

The Female Factor

Bossing around a digital assistant sure is fun. You talk, and she has no choice but to listen and carry out your demands, no matter how insidious they may or may not be. Whatever your wish she must make it so in double time, and without daring to question your motives. Want to send a rude, ranting text message to your boss, with curse words used like punctuation? She’ll do it, with not even a hint of judgement in her voice… I love her. It’s like having, if I were being honest here, the fastest, most reliable personal assistant in existence. Which is probably what the makers of these digital assistants were going for. But ever notice that digital assistants are always female, at least by default? Even as far back as the first GPS navigation systems the digital voices used have always been female. Though, granted, a much more believably human voice now, than back when she sounded like a permanently annoyed British woman. Siri, Alexa, Cortana… not a Frank, ...Continue reading

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