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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Trump To Be Impeached?

Trump To Be Impeached?

There are few United States presidents that have caused as much controversy as Donald Trump. It seems as if from his very first day on the campaign trail, disapproval has plagued him in one form or another. But now, with ever more stories emerging of various alleged wrong doings, the word impeachment is becoming more common, and tensions are growing across the country in equal measure. Two of the latest scandals involve a guilty plea from Michael Cohen in light of the fact that he paid money to two adult film stars to silence them over their affairs with Trump prior to the election campaign, as well as an incoming probe into Trump demanding that an investigation into potentially questionable links with Russia be halted. If this wasn’t fuel enough, Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been found guilty of 8 separate fraud charges. It almost reads like the script from a ...Continue reading

Brand Origins: Puma

Puma head office

Puma has an interesting history and one worth getting clued up on. I haven’t owned a pair of Puma sneakers for a while now and if I look back, I’ve only owned about four pairs to date. However, Puma is notable to me because I recall nagging my folks for my very first pair way back in the mid-90s. It was during this time that the Disc System was unveiled and promoted by British sprinter, Linford Christie. The Disc was and remains a stunning creation in the world of footwear. You slip your foot into the shoe, and you turn the disc to tighten the lacing system, which in turn wraps the shoe around your foot. To undo it, there’s a button at the centre of the disc which requires that you push down on it while pulling the rest of the disc up. To my mind, this is still one of Puma’s greatest innovations. Puma’s story is older than most other sneaker and/or sportswear brands and its story while interesting, is also controversial. Puma was formed way back in ...Continue reading

Celebrities – the Obsession

Celebrities – the Obsession

We live in a time where people are obsessed with celebrities, and sometimes we just have to stop and ask: “why?” Is it because we admire them and look up to them, or is it simply just a case of “when they screw up, it makes my life look better”? They give us something to talk about, and we hear about them so often that we actually feel like we know them. Just looking at certain types of items from celebrities, whether it’s a blouse that was worn by Kim Kardashian, or a , it’s impressive, yet ridiculous, how much these items can sell for. Do people buy them to feel closer to the celebrity, or is it simply a bragging right to say: “Guess what, I own so-and-so.” Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous items bought over the years, and how much people were willing to pay. The Legend of the Dirty Tissue When Scarlett Johansson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2008, she had a slight case of the cold. She had to ...Continue reading

Brand Origins: Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

There really is no more sought-after car then those made by Ferrari. The Italians are an arrogant bunch and it makes sense too; for over a thousand years they ruled the world. That legacy and that status it would seem never really left them. Under the guise of the Romans, the Italians gave us magnificent architecture and structural accomplishments including things like roads and plumbing. Okay, apparently they didn’t invent roads or plumbing (drainage), but they vastly improved upon these two key bastions of civilisation through their mastery of concrete and thus building. Our modern-day calendar comes from the Romans as does the monetary concept of paying for something as opposed to bartering. The legacy of the Italians will continue to for years to come. There are so many other contributions that we can delve into, but for the sake of my fingers and your attention span, we’re going to focus on ...Continue reading

Ronaldo Rules Instagram!

Ronaldo Rules Instagram

Source: Sporting News It’s a hard task, to encapsulate the popularity of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese soccer super star commands the respect and attention of millions of fans, many of those on Instagram, and literally competes with celebs and popstars in terms of followers. I don’t own an Instagram account. I’m not one for taking photos of my life only to showcase them to everyone to sell my vanity. It’s bad enough that I’m on Facebook, part of the social media spectrum, and something almost completely dedicated to self-worship. Whatever the original intentions of social media was, it has gotten lost under a sea of commercial ventures and self-glorification. What’s interesting to note about something like Instagram is the manner in which it makes money. You see, when you download and join these apps “for free”, you waver certain rights. One of those rights is in fact ...Continue reading

City Slicker DIY Gardening Tips

Growing your own DIY garden

If you live in the city, you probably have something that is supposed to be a garden, but that might just look like a nice patch of dirt, perfect for insects to congregate in, and weeds to grow. A professional with green fingers could likely turn that patch of bug-infested dirt into a miniature paradise. But let’s face it; hiring those capable of dirt patch transformation is not cheap. Your choices are then as follows; you could hit an online casino, land a jackpot and fork out for a professional landscaper. Or, you could read on and learn a few DIY tips that might just make all the difference. Layering Planters When it comes to gardening, city folk need to take a good, long look in the mirror and face a serious fact. There is just not much space to go around. It is the duty of the city dweller, therefore, to make the most of all available space, for maximum ...Continue reading

A football-shaped diamond for the World Cup

diamond for the World Cup

Something unusual happened just before the 2018 World Cup quarter final match between Russia and Croatia. Russian mining group, ALROSA, unearthed a 0.50 carat, black and white diamond from the northern Arkhangelsk Region, which coincidentally, looked just like a soccer ball. Nature is famous for creating whimsical shapes, but this is the first time a football-shaped diamond has ever been found. That it happened during the beautiful game’s ultimate tournament, just before a critical match that the host country was playing in, was viewed by some as simply fortuitous, but by many others, as a good omen. Good omens and exciting competitions Of course, Russia did not end up winning their quarter final match. Instead, Croatia emerged as the victor in this game, as well as their subsequent semi-final showdown against England, before succumbing to France in the final. Nevertheless, Russia’s hosting of the event, for which ALROSA was one of the main sponsors, was widely ...Continue reading

The World’s Busiest Air Routes

Popular plane stats and facts

Source: Pixabay At any given time, thousands of aeroplanes are jetting across the sky, delivering paying passengers to their destinations of choice. Popular routes run throughout the day and night, shepherding passengers from point A to B as the global economy expands. But have you ever stopped to think about which routes are the most popular? From an international standpoint, most of us think that flights from London to the US make up the bulk of the air traffic. But, if we look at passenger volume alone, the numbers tell a different story… Numbers that Fly High The most popular air route in the world is between the cities of Seoul-Gimpo and Jeju in South Korea. At just over 450km, the route has over 12 million passengers a year, a number so staggeringly high it eclipses second place by a full 3 million passengers per annum. The second busiest air route is ...Continue reading

6 Health Old Wives’ Tales Exposed

Eat Carrots for Better Vision

Source: Pixabay It still happens in many places around the world that, no matter the ailment, granny – or another old wife – has a piece of advice for treating it. If you have ever eaten buckets full of carrots before an eye test, you probably realised that some of them are utter nonsense. Sure, some of them sound convincing, such as the possibility of a suddenly woken sleepwalker having a heart attack. It sounds as believable as the myth that casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep players alert for longer. If you really want to believe that one, rather stick to playing at our casino online. However, as we shall see, such old wives’ tales usually are hokum. Don’t Wake Sleepwalkers According to medical doctor and author Dr Rob Hicks, while waking up someone walking in their sleep will not give them a heart attack, it can disorient them. This would probably come ...Continue reading

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