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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Where To Next For Online Casino Technology?

Where To Next For Online Casino Technology

I confess, I haven’t spent that much time on (or would it be in?) VR casino games. Given that the prices of decent VR headsets are still a little on the steep side, I haven’t yet been able to make the commitment, and buy one for myself. What I have experienced of VR at a friends place has been impressive, though, to the extent that I really hope VR finds a foothold. AR - that’s augmented reality for the unversed, or those who played Pokémon Go and were astounded by how it worked - I haven’t experienced it at all in terms of the casino sector, given that it’s barely entered into the real world. And I’m not a fan of chasing funny creatures about in public, so no Pokémon Go for me. The concept of AR does sounds incredible though. However, I do fear that AR and VR fighting for a place in the online casino market will be rather messy, and perhaps not the best idea, ...Continue reading

Vegas Evolving To Keep Up With The Times

Vegas Evolving To Keep Up With The Times

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Las Vegas is one of those names that summons up a certain series of thoughts. For me, it conjures images of outrageously attractive showgirls, indoor sunglasses wearing guys playing poker, and a veritable forest of bright neon lights. These images may or may not be out of date. I can’t say for sure, as my stay there was so debauched I’d like to leave what happened in Vegas…well, in Vegas. But, the point is that if Vegas doesn’t manage to at least partially match the perceptions people had about it, it wouldn’t be long before Sin City lost it’s tourist attraction powers. What does this mean? It’s means that Vegas has to keep evolving, changing, and being a myth, or it will surely die. That may sound harsh, but it happens to be the truth. Predominantly tourist attraction cities have to keep up appearances, and keep offering new things to see, ...Continue reading

How Bingo Can Help You Be Healthier

bingo helps you be healthier

Stress is a killer, everyone can agree on that. In fact, if you pay attention to those cheerful charts that helpfully list the various things killing people, stress sits at number one. A round of applause for stress and its incredible achievement! Certainly no sarcasm here people, I give praise where it’s due. But to be serious for a moment, keeping stress levels down really is something every person has to take seriously. I personally have a habit of clenching my teeth when I’m stressed, and let me tell you, a particularly stressful day can leave my jaw aching. How do I keep my stress levels down? Running helps, I find. And there are a number of casino games that do my stress levels a world of good as well. Slot games are good, but my go-to stress relief game is, without a doubt, bingo. That Lady And Her Relaxing Voice I named my favourite online bingo ...Continue reading

Unexpected Benefits Of Writing Casino Reviews

Marc Armstrong - Signature

I once had the worst online casino experience of my life. And that’s saying a lot, given that I’ve visited a number of seriously questionable online casinos. In my quest for great deals, of course. As I recall, the casino did not register a deposit, which in itself was completely unacceptable. But then, to rub salt in the bitter wound, the customer support centre turned out to be run entirely by a person who did not understand the difference between your and you’re. If that gives you an idea of the level of professionalism. Or to put it another way; interacting with the person in the chat window was akin to having a pair of drills pierce my eyeballs. After roughly an hour of confusing interaction, my deposit finally came through. But, naturally, by then I had lost all intention of spending any time at the casino. I withdrew the amount immediately, and sat seething. An hour of my life had ...Continue reading

Could You Rob a Casino?

Don’t lie to me and say you haven’t thought about robbing a casino. You have. Its okay, we all have. I was doing it five minutes ago, which is why I wrote this blog. There is, after all, something very alluring about the thought of putting in a high risk, small amount of work, and afterwards being set up for the rest of your life. And yes, I have also seen Ocean’s Eleven, and yes, I agree it seems like you could be incredibly cool pulling off a casino heist. Not ‘George-Clooney-cool’, but as close as the average person can get. The universally agreed upon thought seems to be that a casino really wouldn’t miss a few million, in the case of it being stolen. I mean, just look at your average casino. Take in the mammoth architecture and overly flamboyant design. Would the owners of this building miss a million or two? Of course they wouldn’t. And, let’s just pretend that the owner of your ...Continue reading

Best Video Games Featuring Casino Games

Marc Armstrong - Signature

Something that occurred to me recently was that I had spent most of the time I had played Red Dead Redemption, a game largely about shooting people, engaging in casino games. Red Dead Redemption, like many modern open world games, allows the player the option to holster their six-shooter, kick back, and enjoy a few rounds of poker. It’s odd, really, considering how long I’ve been involved in the gambling industry that it has only just occurred to me how many video games allow you to participate in a bit of consequence-free gambling. For those unaware, Red Dead Redemption is an outstanding Western game, its main focus on allowing players to live out fantasies of being a cowboy. Such fantasies involve; pulling you six-shooter and killing bandits, pulling your six-shooter and killing animals, pulling your six-shooter and killing Native Americans, and, of course, tying up victims and leaving them ...Continue reading

The Progression Of Handheld Devices

Marc Armstrong - Signature

I’m not sure about you, but I’m pretty certain that touchscreens were sent from hell to torment everyday humans (especially those of us not blessed with the most dainty of fingers!). How it is that my touch screen and auto-correct still think I’m regularly talking about ducks is beyond me. I’m not talking about ducks, thank you auto-correct. I loathe touch screens. They take my exceptionally fast laptop keyboard typing speed and reduce it to a mess of incomprehensible gibberish. Why, oh why, did handheld devices ever move away from buttons, replacing them with smooth, flat surfaces that bear about as much resemblance to a real keyboard as a duck does a bald eagle? See? I meant duck this time, and I got duck. I set about finding the oldest phone I could, and decided to use it for a day, testing it in all the key areas of my life. Sending texts, playing mobile casino games, and checking ...Continue reading

Classic Gambling Superstitions

Classic Gambling Superstitions

I mentioned awhile back that I find superstitions fascinating, and I still do. There is, after all, something fairly amazing about the extents people will go to in order to try and bring some kind of order to the unknown. Even if that something is putting a mandrake root in fresh milk, and stashing it under your bed. Apparently this chases away evil spirits, since, as is well known to all who have perused the evil spirit textbooks, there is nothing evil detests more than roots and milk. So, I thought it high time I dug in to the subject of superstitions. I happen to have read up a great deal on the subject already, and that information might as well be useful somewhere. Personal Superstitions I make a lot of jokes about superstitions, but know that I am not immune to them. Yes, I am aware that it is completely nonsensical to think that something like the ...Continue reading

The Story Of Dead Man’s Hand

Marc Armstrong - Signature

Casino games have a great deal of superstition around them, which makes sense, given the human propensity to make up “rules” where there are none. Since casino games rely on luck to varying degrees, it also goes without saying that there is a degree of chaos involved. In such cases superstition is bound to flourish; giving imaginary rules to the chaos. I like superstitions, because for me they are a demonstration of the extent people will go to in order to give personality to the unknown. A thing with personality can, after all, be reasoned with, can’t it not? Surely the badness can be kept out if I sprinkle salt across the threshold of my door. Problem solved, badness defeated, order restored. Forgive me for getting all philosophical there, it was fleeting and I’ll stop immediately. I really do like superstitions, though, and decided to dive into one of my favourite; dead man’s ...Continue reading

Evolving Quality Of Modern Slot Games

evolving quality of modern slots

If you’ve played a few modern online slot games, you’ll know that they are undergoing some serious quality upgrades. I mean, I admit that I prefer more skill based casino games like poker, however there are some amazing slots that really appeal to me. In fact Pollen Party and Thunderstruck are two of my not-so secret favourites... You’d also have to be a seriously cynical person to not at least appreciate the obvious amounts of effort that go into making modern slot games. The Scrooge Story Scrooge is the well-known Christmas story about a wise old man named, aptly, Scrooge. Scrooge did well for himself, working hard, saving his money for retirement, and making sure he never wasted a penny in his life. We can all agree that Scrooge sounds like the kind of person who had his head screwed on straight. Unfortunately for Scrooge, he lived in a town full ...Continue reading

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