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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Discover The "Atlantis Of The East" In Treasures Of Lion City

Treasures of the Lion City New Game, Spin Palace Blog

There’s a reason so many children grow up with dreams of being deep sea divers. The pull of underwater treasure is strong. And for most of us, that dream continues into adulthood—even if it feels impossible to realize. We fantasize about finding Atlantis, diving down to visit the Titanic, or diving through shipwrecks to reach overflowing treasure chests. Starting in just a few weeks, those fantasies will have a new place to live. I’m talking about Treasures of Lion City, a 5x3 game with 25 fixed pay lines. This new game is built with a strong engine and everyone’s favorite slot feature—Rolling Reels. It goes live from on December 10, 2019. Is the Lion City real? Before you get to your online slot Lion City, you should know that a real version exists in China. Let’s take this opportunity to dive into history and learn something you can use to impress your friends. In 1959, the Chinese government decided to build a lake for a hydroelectric ...Continue reading

Mystery And Marble Await In Ivory Citadel

New online slot, Spin Casino Blog

Sometimes it feels like life should have a little escape hatch. Wouldn’t it be nice to launch from this world into a remote corner of West Asia? You’d meet tigers, bulls, and snakes and dig for riches in ivory temples full of marble, gold, and burning flames. We might not be able to transport you there in real life—and let’s be honest, do you really want to meet snakes?—but luckily for all of us, Ivory Citadel is almost here. This new game is out soon from . So mark your calendars for December 3, 2019, because we’re off to Asia. Ganesha Clears The Path First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Ivory Citadel has Free Spins, and they’ll be waiting for you when you pop this game open on December 3. The symbol for Free Spins in this game is a chubby, royal looking Elephant, which gives us the opportunity to look into just a little bit of symbolism. It’s unclear where exactly Ivory Citadel takes place, though Just For The Win ...Continue reading

Find The Lost Sphinx…And Great Winnings!

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx logo; Spin Palace blog

Take a daring journey when you play Jungle Jim and The Lost Sphinx, available in starting 6 November. Jungle Jim is back and ready for adventure in this new game from Stormcraft Studios. He needs your help to find the lost sphinx…and you can find some winnings for yourself along the way! Jungle Jim’s latest adventure awaits We’ve met Jungle Jim before in the popular slot El Dorado, and now he’s back for more with the next chapter of his adventure. This time he’s hunting the secret chamber of the Lost Sphinx, which holds immense treasures and a long-lost relic. The game’s fun animations and great graphics, designed by Stormcraft Studios for , immerse players in Jungle Jim’s world. The vivid graphics are accompanied by a background soundtrack that will keep build anticipation as you move toward the hidden chamber to claim your prize! You’ll follow Jungle Jim to the Egyptian desert, where you’ll take a spin on classic slot with ...Continue reading

Become Royalty With Rising Royals

Rising Royals Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Join the royal family of Versailles as they rule the kingdom…and search for the new heiress to the throne! The night of the royal ball is coming soon, and you’re invited to what just might be your lucky night. This is coming to Spin Palace on 14 November. Don’t miss your chance to rule. Your kingdom awaits Join the King, Queen, and Prince in the Palace of Versailles, where they’re holding a royal ball to find the most eligible young lady in the kingdom, to marry their son and become a princess. The palace will be the backdrop for a night of elegance and beauty—as soon as you arrive at the gates, you’ll be greeted with jewels and gold, with more riches inside. So put on your finest and enjoy a night of luxury when you play Rising Royals. You can even play this mobile-friendly online slot from the comfort of your own palace. Rising Royals was designed for Microgaming, and brings exciting features to the classic 5x3 online slot format. ...Continue reading

Lock A Luck: A New Online Slot Classic

Lock A Luck Logo; Spin Palace Blog

These days there’s an machine for everything, with crazy themes and hard-to-grasp mechanics. But if you’re looking to get back to the basics for some good old-fashioned slot-spinning fun, Lock A Luck might just be your lucky game. This bright new take on one of the most is an easy and fun game for anyone to play. So if you’re ready to take a few spins, you can find it at Spin Palace starting 12 November. A bright vision of a classic The first thing you’ll notice about Lock a Luck is how it draws you in with its bright colours, shining icons, and glittery animations. The design is a nod to the feel of a classic casino slot game, with flashing lights that add excitement to every turn. You’ll also feel yourself transported to an old-fashioned casino with the game’s soundtrack, which is an upbeat, jazzy tune that accompanies you as you play. You can almost hear coins tinkling in a retro Vegas casino as you win it big! This game was designed by ...Continue reading

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