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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Social Media Followers: Hot Commodities in an Influencer Economy

Buying fake Facebook likes

As a lot of people know, there’s nothing quite like getting more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Viewed as an indicator of the social status of teenagers for some time, the number of followers that people have has become a far more potent index. Now followers don’t only measure your popularity and make you feel good about yourself; they can make or break the careers of musicians, actors and the new wave of “influencers” – tastemakers who publish YouTube videos, Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and Instagram pictures. Individual celebrities are not the only ones doing it either; many a and brands of other kinds use social media platforms to generate hype and a positive image. If you have a lot of followers, or if what you post is retweeted or shared a lot, your influence is perceived as huge. Not getting those numbers is disastrous in today’s influencer economy, so what is one to do if they just ...Continue reading

The Olympics and Its Effect on Canada’s Figure Skaters

The Olympics and Its Effect on Canada’s Figure Skaters

With the Winter Olympics just wrapped up and the release of the movie, I, Tonya, it’s no wonder everyone’s talking about figure skating. I, Tonya tells the story of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, two American figure skaters who were vying for a spot at the top, and the chance to be the nation’s golden girl. Kerrigan’s career was brought to an abrupt halt when Harding’s husband had her knee smashed in with a baton to ensure Harding’s place on the team, and controversy has dodged Harding ever since. How have the Olympics past and present and culture? There aren’t any Harding like scenarios that we are aware of, but lets have a look. Canada’s Gold Canada has amassed 25 medals for figure skating since it first competed in the winter Olympics in 1924. This year in Pyeong Chang they brought home the Gold in the team skating event. Historically, Canada has always excelled in the figure skating arena, and in 1930 Cecil Smith became ...Continue reading

Toys R’ Us Closes 180 Stores

Toys R’ Us Closes 180 Stores

It seems we have come to the end of an era, as toy giant, Toys R’ Us is closing 180 stores in the US in order to avoid bankruptcy. While their Canadian cousins will not be affected, stores are going to need a complete revamp if they want to remain competitive in a modern digital market. With the rise of online shopping, digital gaming and games, the toy chain has had a hard time keeping up with the curve, and can no longer cater to kids, or kids in adults bodies! Are we seeing a departure from classic toys in favour of digital media? Possibly, but how do modern apps and games compare to some of the most famous toys from the 80’s and 90’s? We thought we would make a list and let you decide for yourself. The Rubik’s Cube Considered to be the best-selling game of all time, this hunk of coloured plastic has frustrated children and adults for generations. Since going on sale in 1980, over 350 million items have been shipped around into the eager hands of ...Continue reading

Neuromarketing: How The Brain Guides Buying Power

Target marketing the brain

The word may sound very scientific, but the concept of neuromarketing is quite a straightforward one, and one driven by logic. Neuromarketing involves the use of brain imaging technology to study the brain’s response to certain external stimuli, i.e. monitoring how the brain responds to things like packaging, advertising, the actual product, etc. The premise is that the brain responds directly to the particular perception of what the senses experience. Often, the conscious mind isn’t involved at all, making for a much more honest response to outside stimuli. Moreover, a specific stimulus may be found to trigger a consistent set of responses, for example the desire to try something new. The general idea then, is to pinpoint exactly what these stimuli are and how to duplicate them in future in order to recreate the same response. It’s not hard to see how neuromarketing can be a very useful tool, and it’s a selling-science that can be applied in just about ...Continue reading

Fun Tips To Stay Fit

Ten of the Best!

Are you spending too much time in front your PC? Do your legs start cramping? What happens if you play your favourite slot machines for too long – getting finger cramps? Whether you’re sitting down playing games or standing up at a land based casino, you will need to stretch those muscles every now and then. Spin Palace Casino will help you get the exercise that you need when playing casino games. Take a look at this infographic for 10 of the best quick workouts to try. Put them to the test, your luck may just change! ...Continue reading

What Are eSports?

what are esports

If you are an avid casino gaming enthusiast, chances are you have come across the term eSports or eSports betting. While most people have a vague idea what eSports might be, the general consensus is that they are “video games” and in a way, this generalisation is actually correct. The term eSports is simply the shortened name for electronic sports. So yes, what it comes down to is the competitive sport of computer gaming. So just like football teams play other teams in a league or competition or you against opponents, eSports teams face off against other teams in an online international arena. A major eSports tournament will take place in a large arena and attract quite a crowd. The bigger tournaments with well-known players have dedicated followers who tune in online to watch the action as it unfolds. And just like professional sport, competitors actually get paid for competing. At an eSports competition, the various teams will compete in different gaming categories ...Continue reading

Unbelievable Casino Car Giveaways

It’s a very common practice, both online and offline, for casinos to give away cars as prizes or part of promotions. All you need to do to find some of these deals running right now is enter the terms “casino”, “car”, “giveaway” or “promotion” into whichever search engine you prefer to use. The appeal of winning a luxury car is easy to understand. Who wouldn’t want to drive off in a fabulous vehicle that they could never otherwise afford, after all? But for all the happy stories about winning a car in this way, there are also some cautionary tales out there. As with anything in life, you need to check all the details in the fine print very carefully. A New Car for a Day Jacob Ehrhardt, a regular player at the Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo, Michigan, was elated when he won a shiny black new car. The 2015 Tesla Model S is valued at $92 000, and Ehrhardt was ...Continue reading

Video Games are Going Retro

Nintendo’s Game Boy trending again

Are you ready to party like it’s 1989? That’s when Nintendo’s Game Boy and Prince of Persia, played on Apple II, were first released. Both are icons of the chunky tech of days gone by, and there’s a huge wave of nostalgia for them and other products from that era. We’ve already seen successful comebacks from the Nokia 3310 and the Tamagotchi, as well as other fondly remembered gadgets. The release of is a good example of how companies are bringing their best-loved products back, but with twists and updates that make them suitable for modern audiences. Video games are riding the wave too. Updated Packaging and Consoles The hugely successful Prince of Persia may soon be released on the Xbox One and PS4, with graphics and updates that we can only imagine, and Nintendo has already re-launched the NES Classic and SNES Classic in mini versions. In a clear illustration of how our modern world blends with growing hankerings for the simpler pleasures of ...Continue reading

Gaming Trends for 2018

AR and VR lead the way in gaming

Source: static.pexels.com At the beginning of each year tech publications and gadget fundi’s make predictions regarding the expected trends for that year. It’s always interesting to look back at the end of the year to see how many of those glimpses into the future had in fact played out as predicted. If all that has been spotted in the fortune-teller’s globe rings true for 2018, then it’s going to be a very exciting year on the gaming front indeed! AR: More Than Just Pokémon Go Love it or hate it, Pokémon Go introduced many of us to the wonderful world of Augmented Reality for the first time. The game introduces gaming elements into the existing natural world by creating a type of overlay made up of digital elements. By making use of existing navigation technology such as Google Maps, the game pinpoints the user’s GPS location, enabling the various applications to then ...Continue reading

Oprah for President in 2020?

Oprah gets behind a patriotic cause

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Oprah Winfrey made an incredibly rousing speech when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes. The event was already historic, since Winfrey was the first African American woman to receive it, and she used the platform to send out a powerful endorsement of the #MeToo campaign. The speech moved many to tears, and had Oprah’s fans clamouring for her to throw her hat into the 2020 presidential race. Born into poverty in Mississippi, Winfrey survived heinous sexual abuse and went on to host the world’s most successful talk show ever, become a major actress and build a massive media empire. She’s been suggested as a good fit for the Oval Office before; in 2002 filmmaker Michael Moore suggested she run, and there have often been whisperings about it in the following years. Now, however, there seems a groundswell like never before. “Oprah for President” Tweets and headlines ...Continue reading

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