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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Brilliant Platform Gamifying Language Learning!

Duolingo promo; Spin Palace Blog

Recently, we shared an article with you about travelling, and for a successful and smooth journey, it’s a good idea to speak at least a little bit of the language spoken in the country of your destination. And while you are taking a break from your hard work learning the language, why not treat yourself to a quick game at your favourite ? About Duolingo is the new language learning platform, widely touted as “the best new way to learn a language”. It turns boring learning-by-rote on its head, and makes learning fun and addictive. The principle of it is gamifying knowledge – you will have an avatar, earn points for correct answers, play little games within the platform to race the clock and improve. Language learning website & App Each lesson is structured like a fun, easy short game. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or , making it very versatile. You can then play the game at a bus stop, during your morning commute or while ...Continue reading

Deep Fakes Videos Are Here

Movie Set

The Rise of Deep Fakes Video Altering Technology In the age of fake news, if seeing is believing, then one thing we can trust is video footage. Unlike photo-shopping an image or making an outrageous claim in the written word, videos cannot be so easily adapted for spin or even downright disinformation. Or can they? These days, you may not always be able to be so sure. And the reason is the rise of so-called deep fakes. This is video altering technology which can be used to alter video footage in astonishing ways. For example, used deep fakes to alter what was being said by a former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. In a warning to other broadcasters and news outlets, their experiment showed that we should no longer take at face value what somebody claims someone else has said. Crucially, this is now the case whether there appears to be documentary evidence to back up the claims, certainly if that is in the form of a video which could have been subject to the deep fake ...Continue reading

3D Metal Printing: A Technological Revolution

3D printing set to change the world

Source: Pixabay When bringing up the term 3D printing, many will state that it is a technology that has only been around for the last decade. But it turns out that it was been possible since as early as 1981. Although, of course, the methods have advanced drastically in recent years, but the same basic principals have been in use for decades. However, as of up until just recently, the only practical use for this impressive technology has been extremely limited, used mainly by hobbyists and designers for rapidly creating prototypes. Which is to say; board game figurine designers are amongst the most popular users of modern 3D printers, which pretty much puts the whole industry into perspective. This may all be about to change, however, with 3D metal printing set to become a broad reality in the near future. Just how far reaching are the implications of this new 3D ...Continue reading

Choosing The Right Laptop

Find the right laptop for you

Source: Pixabay Owning a laptop is an ongoing situation. Since technology advancements are happening at a steady pace, you are required to keep buying new iterations of the hardware in order to keep up with the demands of the latest software. In other words, you are going to have to buy a new laptop at some point, be it sooner or later. The questions are; which one should you buy, how much should you spend, and what exactly is the purpose of all the fancy bits and bobs that sit inside the laptop? The first thing to keep in mind is that you may not need the most expensive laptop money can buy. In fact, it is almost guaranteed that you don’t need the most expensive one on the market. As far as computer technology goes, being on the cutting edge is not at all needed. Instead, it is best to buy what you need for your personal preferences and demands. The latest and greatest laptops, ...Continue reading

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