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Contrasts of Mobile and Online Casinos

contrast of online and mobile casinoWhile many players enjoy playing casino games both online and on their mobile devices, there are some players who are wholeheartedly for or against one or the other. As such, today we will take a look at the differences between these two options and attempt to get to the bottom of why many players prefer one to the other.

If you haven’t decided on which you prefer or haven’t tried out a mobile casino before now, hopefully our guide will take you one step closer to a decision. However, it’s important to note that if you haven’t as of yet found an online casino that you love, a huge variety of Spin Palace online casino games have been optimised for use on smartphones, and all you’ll need to enjoy them is an active Internet connection.

On-The-Go Casino Games

A major difference between the mobile and online casino industries is the ease of access. In order to enjoy your favourite online casino games, you will most likely have to be seated at your laptop or desktop computer to which you will be bound until you decide to take a break from your favourite online casino games. However, by using a mobile casino you will be able to play no matter where you are, any time.

Whether you’re on your lunch break, commuting to or from work, waiting for a friend, or just have some time to kill, you will be able to enjoy your favourite casino games by using your mobile device which goes with you wherever you are. Many online casinos have cottoned on to this fact and have, like Spin Palace, optimised their games for mobile use as well.

Selection of Games

One of the greatest advantages of the online casino is that there are a seemingly unlimited number of games to choose from, and sites such as Spin Palace have over 450 games from which to choose. You would literally have to play a new game every day for 450+ days in order to play them all, and by that stage there would be more new games to try out. Online casinos are able to offer a massive variety of games as they have powerful servers to handle the transference of data.

By contrast, the mobile casino industry is in many ways still in its infancy, and software developers are playing a game of catch-up, which the online casino industry has been winning for over 20 years. As such, mobile casinos will also offer many types of slots and casino table games, but the different varieties will be limited in their numbers. This will of course improve as more software developers make mobile versions of games available, but it may just take a while.

Difference in Speed of Games

As previously stated, online casinos such as Spin Palace have massive servers to handle the vast amounts of traffic and all their games are stored on these servers. Due to the fact that online casino games are stored on servers, the bandwidth needed to play them is substantially lower than using a mobile Internet connection. If you are using a high-speed Internet connection to play your favourite online casino games, the game should run smoothly and you should never have any connection issues.

Unlike this cable-reliant connection, mobile Internet is not as stable, especially if you’re living in an area with patchy mobile signal. Mobile casinos often require the player to download an app to play their games, or to connect to their servers using mobile data which often leads to delays in game play, or even total disconnection.

**Difference in Graphics **

Mobile game development has come a long way in the last 10 years, and there are software development companies who focus solely on creating games strictly for mobile use. However, the difference between these games and online casino games is that the mobile games being developed currently were never meant to be played on anything other than a mobile device. Mobile casino game developers are now faced with the task of attempting to optimise games for mobile use which were never intended to be played on anything other than a desktop computer.

As such, online casino games have the added advantage of being played on much bigger screens and offer more ways for player input by using the keyboard and mouse. However, as the trend has swung so firmly to mobile, developers are re-mastering games for play on small screens, and although navigation and features may be somewhat reduced, the graphics and overall game quality remain high.

No matter which you prefer, remember that Spin Palace offers a no download mobile casino option and, if you have a stable mobile Internet connection, you can enjoy our games no matter where you are in the world.

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