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Creating Perfect Casino Playlists


Frank Sinatra Source: AskGamblers

In the world of movie making, the soundtrack is at least 50% of the experience. Which is to say; music, whether you notice it or not, is a powerful tool for creating an atmosphere. You might have noticed that films based around casinos tend to gravitate towards certain styles of music, which should give you an idea of how much land-based establishments likewise use music as a way to create an ambiance.

So, now that you understand the relation between location and soundtrack, you’re ready to start creating your own casino playlist. Be it for a themed party, or just establishing the correct mood for an especially enthusiastic night in playing at your favourite online casino, the same playlist should more or less work for both situations. Grab a pen and start taking notes.

It’s Mood, Not Lyrics

The wrong approach to creating a casino playlist is to jump straight to songs that are based around phrases referring to money or games of chance, like Kenny Rogers’ *The Gambler*. Which is to say, it might seem like a good idea to look specifically for songs that mention casinos, but that isn’t at all necessary. That is simply taking things too literally. Instead, think more of songs that hold the right atmosphere, or you might just land up creating a mood that suffers from a serious case of trying too hard.

So although Poker Face by Lady Gaga might appear to be exactly what you’re looking for, and would fit into a playlist, try imagining the song being played in a classy poker lounge. It doesn’t exactly fit the scene, does it? Instead, rather lean towards Luck Be A Lady Tonight, by Frank Sinatra - the lyrics relate to games of chance, but more importantly, doesn’t the song just instantly transport you to a cocktail bar in Vegas?

If you know anything about Ol’ Blue Eyes, you’ll know that he was pretty into games of chance himself, and may or may not have been involved in a few shady dealings along the way. Regardless, Sinatra oozes the authentic atmosphere you’re looking for, and more than one of his songs will create that ambience you intend on creating.

Casino Ambience Classics

Elvis Presley is likewise strongly associated with Las Vegas, which means that he can also be relied on to create an authentic atmosphere. *Viva Las Vegas* probably just sprang to mind, which can indeed get the job done. However, don’t forget some of his other great songs, such as A Little Less Conversation, and Night Life. All are exactly right, and a sure fire hit at a casino game themed party.

To carry the idea of a classy poker lounge, stick to up-tempo jazz, and lean towards ultra-lounge disks that were more or less created for this exact purpose. The Art of Noise is a perfect choice.

Though maybe you’re not so keen on sticking to just the classic oldies, and moody lounge music isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Perhaps you want to keep your mood lively and exciting, more the vibe around a frantic roulette table, rather than a broody poker game. Fair enough, you can’t spend all evening basking in the Vegas songs of old, after all.

In that case, Katy Perry, Waking Up in Vegas has everything needed to not only keep the mood fun, but even has the lyrics to make the more literal minded happy. Casino Boogie by the Rolling Stones serves the same purpose, and will keep fans of classic rock happy.

Ultimately, the songs that populate your playlist will be based more around your intended mood than anything else. So, if you lean towards Elvis or the Pussycat Dolls, think about your guests, the games you’ll be playing, and how you think it will all go down. Alternatively, you could just take guest requests as a fail-safe…provided they have good taste in music of course!

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