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Decor Tips for a Classy Casino-Style Party

Decor Tips for a Classy Casino-Style Party

As Hollywood so often reminds us, casinos are synonymous with both excitement and elegance. This is why places like Las Vegas are popular destinations for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, honeymoons, and any other events where nothing short of spectacular will do.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, Vegas is not an option when picking party destinations. But that doesn’t have to mean that we can’t enjoy that authentic Vegas vibe. The casino theme continues to be extremely popular for everything from hen nights to year-end functions.

Since we’re in the casino business, we’re perfectly positioned to give you a few key pointers for your casino-themed party décor.

Look to the Silver Screen for Inspiration

Obviously, a trip to your local gambling establishment is a very good idea as you plan your party. However, not all of us live near to casinos - especially not any like the palace-like establishments of Vegas and Monaco.

Hollywood movies can provide you with just as many - if not more - ideas as a real-life casino. We highly recommend films like Martin Scorsese’s Casino, the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy, Barry Levinson’s Bugsy, and, of course, the Bond film entitled Casino Royale. For something more tongue-in-cheek, The Hangover should also give you some fun ideas.

Rent or Make Your Own Games Tables

When people are invited to a party with a casino theme, they’re unlikely to be imagining slot machines. The table games are generally thought of as more sophisticated; it’s hard to picture Sharon Stone or Catherine Zeta-Jones looking sexy beside a video slot. Also, table games are a lot more social, which is exactly what you want at a party.

So proper gaming tables - and preferably also a roulette wheel - are must-haves. There are plenty of party stores that rent these out but, if you’re on a budget, you can also fashion your own makeshift tables. All you really need is green, red or blue felt fabric, some permanent markers, and a steady hand or a stencil. Just look up some images of your chosen games and copy the table layouts exactly.

Connect with Live Dealers Online

You’ll probably find the roulette wheels are a little harder to come by than simple gaming tables. Fortunately, you can easily play roulette for real money online at casino sites like Spin Palace. In fact, you can even play roulette, blackjack and other table games with an actual dealer streamed directly to your computer via live streaming video.

Now that’s a real party trick!

Use a Red and Black Colour Scheme

You may not have noticed this, but red and black generally feature very prominently in casinos’ colour schemes. Think for a moment and you’ll realise why - red and black are the colours of the two suits in a deck of cards. Hearts and diamonds are red, whilst clubs and spades are black.

Add some opulent silver or gold finishes and you’ll be halfway to creating a really classy casino look.

**Use Playing Cards and Other Casino Paraphernalia **

Speaking of playing cards, you shouldn’t only use them in the actual games. They serve as ideal decorations to emphasise your theme. For example, reinforced playing cards make great coasters. You could also create playing card collages to decorate your walls, suspend them from the ceiling with fishing line, or even present decks of cards as party favours. For a subtler effect, use the suit symbols - hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades - in your décor.

The same applies to other casino paraphernalia such as dice, betting chips, and croupiers’ rakes.

Add a Little Sparkle

What casino would be complete without an array of colourful flashing lights and signs? See if you can rent some appropriate signage or create your own using strings of neon fairly lights.

For a real 80’s Vegas effect, disco balls are a shoo-in, whilst you can scour antique shops for chandeliers to create a more elegant atmosphere.

Remember That You Are the Centre Piece

If you’re going to throw a themed party, it is vital that you dress for the part, in addition to encouraging your guests to also be good sports. Again, the silver screen should serve as your best source of inspiration in picking your casino party ensemble.

Some character options for ladies include 50-style tray-toting cigarette girls, Hollywood femme fatales à la Sharon Stone in a slinky white evening gown, or sharp-dressed croupiers in bow ties.

Gentlemen may want to dress up as suave casino bosses with slicked-back hair and tailored suits, croupiers complete with green visors, or even hotel and casino bellhops in their red and gold uniforms and pill-box hats.

Throwing a casino themed party is loads of fun and with these tips you should be well on your way to having a really good time!

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