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The Differences Between Slots and Table Games

If you walk into any land based casino, chances are you will be greeted with rows and rows of slot machines. Walking through the crowd, you might think you are in a video arcade with the amount of flashing lights and thundering sound effects emanating from each machine.

In stark contrast is the card and table game section where players can be seen staring at their cards, deep in contemplation. What you will have witnessed is a visual representation of the differences between the two types of games. For players who are new to the world of casino gambling, Spin Palace takes a quick look at the main differences between slots and table games.

How Slots Work

So what exactly are slot games and how do they work? Slots or slot machines were originally developed for land based casinos. Depending on where you are in the world, slot machines can be called one arm bandits, fruit machines, pokies or simply slots. The basic concept of a slot game is quite simple.

Players insert a coin into the machine and then pull a handle or push a button. A row of images connected to a drum in the centre of the machine rotate independently of each other. If any of the images line up in a matching order, the machine will pay out accordingly.

At online casinos, slot games have kept the same basic concept with the addition of high quality graphics, animation and sound effects. One of the main reasons slots are so popular is because they are easy to play and offer huge payouts.

To add to this, most slot games are themed and often include vibrant graphics and state of the art animation. With just a small outlay, anyone could stand a chance of hitting the progressive jackpot and walking away with a much healthier bank account.

**The Benefits of Table Games **

So how are table games different? In most cases, card and table games require a bit more skill and strategy in order to beat the dealer and come out ahead. Even the so called games of luck such as roulette and craps have a certain element of control where players can minimise their losses by placing bets on strategic numbers.

For both land based and online gambling, players who choose table games are looking for games that require thought, strategy and a will of iron. Unlike slot games where just about every aspect of the game is out of the player’s hands, table games offer players the chance to even out the odds.

In terms of entertainment, slots are the clear winners. Online slot games incorporate multiple bonus features such as Wild symbols, free spins and interactive bonus rounds in order to keep players entertained and boost their winnings. In contrast, table games can seem a bit slow and tedious at times especially when player have to wait patiently for all the other players around the table to place their bets. It all comes down to your personality and the type of casino experience you are looking for.

Strategy or Luck

If you are looking for high entertainment with a chance of winning big, then slots are the way to go. If you prefer more mentally challenging games where each move is a calculated step towards winning, then table games are definitely for you.

Most table games require some form of strategy or another. On the other hand, table games also have the potential to suck players in to an uncontrollable betting spiral that can lead to some seriously big losses. With slot games, each spin is set number of coins with the stakes remaining the same. With table games, players often raise the stakes when they lose a round to recover their losses.

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