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Digital Casino Games Versus Reality

It’s no secret that virtually every real world casino game now has a digital version. It is, in fact, this incredible convenience that is fuelling the rapid growth in popularity of online casinos. After all, who can say no to a casino that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and does not require you to leave the comfort of your own home? Plus, of course, an online casino always has room at your favourite games, and offers significantly more generous payouts and rewards.

But the question has been raised on more than one occasion as to just how accurate a recreation an online casino game is of it’s real world self. Some games, such as slot games, naturally lose just about nothing having been turned into online games. After all, slot games have even been getting significantly better after having been put online. This is due to the fact that home computers, and modern smart phones, offer more digital resources than real world slot game consoles.

But what about games like roulette, and poker? Has turning them into online games taken anything away from the experience? Let’s take a closer look.

Rules Are Rules

Casino games are all based around core sets of rules. Roulette, for example, is designed to be played in a very specific way, and any deviation from the set in stone rules would surely result in an outcry from players of the game. Thankfully, as far as rules go, the online version of roulette is a 100% recreation, down to the finest detail. The roulette wheel looks exactly as a real world roulette wheel does, and the betting table is exactly as one would expect it to be. In this regard, the online roulette version is indistinguishable from the real world version.

The same is true for all casino games that have made the online transition. Poker is poker, and blackjack is blackjack. Plus, of course, an online player could not deviate from these rules, even if they wanted to, since the games are locked into their rule systems, and will only function according to them.

If an online game does deviate from the set core rules, in an attempt to add spice to the game, it will always be openly stated.

Physics Matter

But some have raised a concern that roulette is not just a game about rules, it is also a game based around luck. And, in the case of roulette, the luck of the game is generated by a physical spinning wheel. Generally made of wood, and hand crafted by industry veterans, roulette wheels are all but works of art, created by strict methods that ensure as much randomness as it is possible to create. How can such a thing be recreated in a digital environment?

A digital version of a roulette wheel is a complicated and intricate thing. If anything, it is a perfect roulette wheel in just about every way possible, so much so that it is in fact more perfect than a real world roulette wheel. Real world roulette wheels are affected by tiny factors over time, such as microscopic imperfections, making them less than what would be considered perfect. This is why real world roulette wheels are regularly switched out.

A digital roulette wheel is unable to be influenced by real world factors, and so remains always in a state of perfection. It can be said that a digital roulette wheel is more fair to the player than it’s real world equivalent.

Poker And The Bluffing Game

In the case of poker, the game is largely based around the art of bluffing. In other words; one of the core elements of the game is knowing when to bet, when not to bet, and when to fold. This is done based on what a player thinks his opponents are holding, and is what makes the game so entertaining.

The trick is though that a player will often make many of his or her bluffing decisions based on physically seeing opponents, and reading their body language. This, of course, is not possible in many versions of multiplayer online poker, where players only see digital representations of the other players. Or at least, it is not in the versions that do no allow web camera communication. Some online multiplayer casinos now have web camera support, and more may well follow.

The rules of the game are still perfectly recreated, however, even when web cameras are not supported. This means that the game still does function exactly as it would in a real world casino. If anything, the online version of the game is a much more focused experience, allowing players the ability to play the game via its most central rules, without exterior distractions.

One should never forget, after all, that many of the best professional poker players in the world started their career with online poker tournaments.

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