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Do Baccarat Betting Systems Work?

Virtually every casino game under the sun has a strategy guide, some of which are said to be perfect, others of which can be a bit ambiguous in how successful they really are. Heavily skills based games such as Poker and Blackjack have veritable libraries of strategy and help guides, many of which require an extremely dedicated person to get right.

Other more simple games such as slots have strategy guides of their own, but these tend to be only partially successful, and at the most offer a system that will minimise losses to a certain degree. But what about game such as Baccarat, that really only has three choices for the player to bet on? Is there a betting system that can, and will result in a positive result for the player? Lets take a look at a simple betting strategy that is said to be a great way to rake in the winnings.

One, Three, Two, Six Betting System

In any betting game a player has to accept the fact that there are going to be losses. This is an undeniable part of casino games, and not something that is ever going to change. No betting strategy is ever going to change the odds so that you are always winner. Hence, read the fact and accept it; if you play a casino game, there are going to be losses.

The trick of any strategy guide is that the wins outweigh the losses, hence resulting in an overall profit, as apposed to an overall loss. In Baccarat there is a basic yet effective strategy guide that is simply called 1, 3, 2, 6. The numbers refer to the amount that a player should place on a Baccarat bet. So, assuming that you are playing in dollars, your first bet would be one dollar, the second bet two dollars, and so on. Else the same strategy works if your first bet was ten dollars, second bet thirty dollars, and so on. But how, you might be asking, is simply dictating how much I should bet going to be a effective strategy?

The principal of the system is this; if your first bet is one dollar, and you win, the second bet should be three dollars. If you win the three dollar bet, now make a bet of two, and so on. If any of the bets fails, you simply go back to the first bet; one. This system is based on the probability of a winning result on any one outcome of Baccarat, being that there are two possible outcomes, player or banker. If the player wins the first bet, the bet increases, taking into account a win. If the bet fails, the bet is reduced back to one to minimise losses. If the player is making a fourth bet, the six, it’s assumed that the player has already made enough money to cover that bet failing.

Does This System Work?

The short answer to this question is; yes, the system works. The long answer is; yes the system works, but as to how quickly is not certain, and never can be. If a player quits the system after a few initial losses, they can easily walk away and say the system doesn’t work. This, of course, is not the attitude to have. The system must be used for a good length of time before positive results can be seen.

The player should, using this system, eventually make back potential losses and be in the green. The trick is, of course, to quit while you are ahead. On a personal note, the writer of this blog can say that he tested out the system thoroughly, following the rules closely and observing the results. He can report that at first it seemed the system would never make back the first few losses, but after a full sequence, was completed, with the final six bet having results, he found himself ahead in the game. He can also comment that it took him a great deal longer then he thought to actually finish the sequence and have four wins in a row, with over twenty hands being played before this finally occurred.

This system is very much based on persistence. It should be noted by all those wishing to use this system that a minimum amount should be used for eventual positive results to be seen. The system won’t work if a player buys in with ten, then hopes to keep that ten throughout the entire session. It would be wiser to stat with an initial amount of fifty, and make bets in units of one; i.e., one dollar, three dollars, and so on. If using units of ten, the player bets up the initial amount to five hundred.

This betting system can work for you; give it a try playing free Baccarat at Spin Palace and see for yourself!

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