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Do's and Don’ts When Playing Live Games

When you’re enjoying a live dealer casino game, it’s important to understand the etiquette required and to behave accordingly. Remember, live games are a lot closer to land-based casino situations than other online casino games are. Just as there are complex rules in how to conduct yourself offline, there’s a lot more to remember with a live dealer game than with a non-live game online.

Knowing how to behave in a live dealer game will get you more respect, and you’ll enjoy your overall experience a lot more. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled some handy pointers for you to remember the next time you want to enjoy some great live dealer casino game action.

Be Polite to the Dealer

In land-based casinos it’s considered bad luck to not tip waitresses in casinos well, and it’s essential to tip the dealer if you are on a winning streak or land any kind of payout. While you can’t tip serving staff when you play on line, it is just as important to good form that you do tip your dealer if you’re doing well.

You also need to greet the dealers properly, and allow them to do their jobs without using them as punching bags. If you are not happy with the speed they go at or anything else, you can simply move along to the next table; that’s one of the beauties of a live dealer casino. No need to spread bad vibes around.

** **Be Polite to Other Players

Just as important as good interactions with your dealer, in live games online and in land-based games, are good interactions with your fellow tablemates. When you’re playing online, live chat windows enable you to engage with them and add another layer of authenticity and enjoyment to your experience. Be sure to use this privilege properly.

Greet other players when you join a game, and refrain from offering your opinion on the way they are playing, from trying to sell them anything, from confrontational or vulgar language or from trying to force serious relationships or friendships. A lot of lasting connections do spring up when like-minded individuals play online together, but you need to allow this to happen naturally.

** ****Don’t Blame the Dealers **

** **It’s not enough to make being polite to the dealer an active “Do” at any live casino, you also need to make being rude an active “Don’t”. And the biggest offence you can commit in terms of treating dealers badly is to blame them for your streak of losses or bad luck.

It can be easy to vent your frustration on a person who is serving you and has to be polite, but it’s very bad sportsmanship and will make everything worse. And if you persist in doing it, you might find you are no longer welcome at that particular casino.

** ****Don’t Take Up Space **

Being aware of other players’ right to a seat at an online live dealer game, and respecting that, is such an important “Do” for live dealer etiquette that we have put this “Don’t” in a heading all of its own. There are almost always people waiting for their turn to sit at a table, so if you’ve been playing for a while and you want to take a break, remember to give up your seat.

If you don’t actually give your seat up, you’ll be given the space whether you are using it or not. You can imagine how infuriating that would be for someone patiently waiting for their shot at having fun and winning big!

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