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Double Lucky Line - Twice The Fun

Entertainment, Gambling

Double Lucky LineSource: Microgaming

Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, are you feeling lucky? What about double lucky? Well today can be your double lucky day with Double Lucky Line. Double Lucky Line is an exciting new video slot game from Just For The Win Studios. You can expect a colourful and exciting experience filled with Chinese symbols of good luck as you attempt to strike it double lucky. With so many symbols and reels on offer you can sit back, relax and enjoy some casual online slots. With Double Lucky Line, luck is always on your side.

Made to be lucky

Symbols of good luck are common throughout Chinese culture. From colours, to numbers, to symbols and statues, lucky charms come in all shapes and sizes. These charms are often seen decorating Chinese homes and businesses in the hopes that they’ll bring prosperity. Much of the legend surrounding these symbols stems from riddles or wordplay stretching far back in Chinese history.

Numbers play a big part in this culture of luck due to the part they play in everyday life. From phone numbers, to dates, to license plates, as well as home and business addresses, numbers crop up in almost all parts of life. Chinese people often go to great lengths to incorporate lucky numbers into their lives. Particular lucky numbers include six, eight and nine which are believed to promote business success, wealth and longevity.

Colours also play an important role in determining how lucky you are. Red and black are particularly important colours. Red is the national colour of China and translates to wealth and power. Black is also considered to have a close relationship with wealth. When combined, black and red are considered a powerful combination.

Images and statues also comprise a large part of Chinese good luck charms. Such charms include Chinese dragons, three legged toads and of course the money tree. All of these symbols make an appearance in Double Lucky Line. It wouldn’t be so lucky without them.

Double Lucky Line; Spin Palace BlogSource: Microgaming

So many ways to win

Double Lucky Line is a medium volatility video slot game based around Chinese symbols of luck. The game consists of 5 reels with 17 possible paylines. Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and free spins also feature in order to mix things up a bit. The game is certainly colourful. It features green and gold during regular play and switches to red and gold during the Free Spins game. Lucky coins and red strings adorn the reels as extra symbols of good luck.

One of the big features of the game is the titular Double Lucky Line in the middle row of the reels. This line is always active during the base game as well as the Free Spins game. Symbols that land in the Double Lucky Line count as two symbols when calculating wins.

Another big aspect of the game is the random Wilds feature. These Wilds trigger randomly during the base game. The effect changes the symbols between the 2 and 6 symbols into Wild symbols before the spin stops. This means that you may strike it lucky even when you least expect it.

Free spins are triggered when landing 5 or more Free Spin symbols. This effect can be achieved with both single and double symbols from the Double Lucky Line. 5 Free Spin symbols awards 10 Free Spins. 1 extra spin is awarded for each additional Free Spin symbol. The maximum number of Free Spins is 25 in total.

Do push your luck

Double Lucky Line offers ease of play and convenience wherever and however you choose to play it. The game is compatible with mobile and desktop devices which means it can be played either in the comfort of home or while on the move. You’ll be able to take your luck with you wherever you go.

Double Lucky offers a minimum bet of 0.10 coins and a maximum bet of 100.00 coins. The game also boasts a 96.02% payout percentage. Double Lucky is also a medium volatility game with a 23.71% hit rate.

Time to make your own luck

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging game filled with as much good luck as you can get, then Double Lucky Line is a solid contender. You’ll be able to drink in the sights and sounds of the Chinese culture while trying to strike it lucky yourself. Who knows, maybe some of that good luck will rub off on you after you’ve finished playing. You’ll never know unless you find out.

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