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Essential Slot Game Tips

If you don’t know what a slots game is, the chances are you just arrived here from another planet. So; welcome to Earth, we hope you enjoy your stay! For all the humans reading, you already know that slot games are the most played casino game in the world. The simple game play design of slot games, combined with the amazing graphics and soundtracks, is appealing to many people. One of the most commonly asked questions is though; what can be done to improve the chances of winning at a slot game?

Some will say that slot games have unchanging odds, and so really offer no options at all to improve the chances of winning. And, there some who are saying this would very much be right. Given that a slot game is based 100% on luck and statistics, there really is nothing that can legally be done which will change the chances of winning. So, then surely this must be the shortest blog in the world, since there are no tips that can be offered to improve your slot game playing experience. If this was your conclusion, the next part of this blog will blow your mind.

3 Winning Tips

Here are three tips that will help you put a lot more money in your pocket when playing online slot games.

**1. Higher Minimum Bets **

Slot games are divided into low minimum betting versions, and high minimum betting versions. This means, as you are probably aware, that the betting amount required before you make a spin is either higher or lower. A fact that some may not know is that slot games with higher minimum betting amounts also pay out more. It’s just simple mathematics, really. A slots game that is designed to work with higher sums of money must, by its nature, give payouts that are higher. So, if you want to win more money, bet more money. It’s as easy as that.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should run out and start playing the slot games with the highest minimum betting amounts, of course, since more of your hard earned cash will also be at risk. But, if you are looking to hit a big single payout that will fill your pockets, then the highest minimum betting amount slots games are your best choice.

2. Stop On A Big Win

This also brings us to our second tip. If you start playing a slot game and hit a big win early on, you should probably take that big win and stop playing right then and there. In fact, you should probably stop any time you hit a big win that takes you well into the green. Some assume, when hitting a big win early on, that it means big wins are going to be happening every five minutes. This, of course, is not true. And, furthermore, big wins are as likely to happen five seconds into the game as they are five hours in.

The simple truth is that slot games are about hitting that big win as soon as possible, and walking away while the going is good. Yes, there is a chance you will win big again, but there is also a chance you won’t win big again for another hour. A person who dabbles in statistics will tell you the same thing; walk away with the big win in your pocket.

3. Play Within Your Budget

This really should go without saying, but it is an excellent idea to play within your budget, since not doing so is a great way to exit the game with head held low and account empty. Keep track of how much money you are starting off with, and make an effort to stay within your limits. Slot games come with a betting option that allows you to raise and lower your betting amount, and it really is a good idea to decide on a betting sum and stick to it. Rather don’t raise the betting amount if it seems you are starting to do well.

The best mind set when playing a slot game is to go in expecting to win a little chunk of change. Aiming to walk away the next millionaire is unrealistic, and not a great way to play a game of chance. When you start playing, decide what your betting limit will be, and stick to that betting limit regardless of what happens in the game. And, once again, when you hit a big one that puts you into that little chunk of change bracket, quit the game and go buy yourself a nice celebratory large pizza. The toppings of your celebratory pizza are optional, but if it were us we would go with the three cheeses special. And while you’re eating that pizza remember; you technically got it for free by walking away when you still had cash to spend!

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