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Evolution Of Internet And Live Casino Games

Evolution Of Internet And Live Casino Games

It was not so long ago that the idea of streaming movies via the Internet was a pipe dream, never mind streaming live feeds. If movies were streamed a decade or two ago, they were more often than not in low quality resolutions, such as 240p, if available at all. This meant that movies were indeed accessible online, but whether you could tell what was going on or not was a different story. But Internet bandwidth increased, and so too did the possibilities of streaming online content.

In modern times YouTube is generally watched in at least 480p, if not 1080p, depending on the preferences of the user, and the capability of their Internet connection. Modern Internet speeds can exceed 10 megabytes per second, which means that streaming videos is a walk in the park. Keep in mind that the earliest widely used Internet speeds were often barely 48 kilobytes per second, if that. And this was considered ground-breakingly fast compared to speeds up until that time. Do some maths and you’ll find that a modern connection is hundreds of times faster, to the point of being incomparable. Faster Internet speeds game rise to advanced online services, such as online casinos.

Live Casino In Modern Times

One online application that is rapidly becoming popular, and is possible only due to improved Internet speeds, is live casinos. Live casinos allow a direct, instant feed of real casino dealers directly to your personal computer, tablet, or other compatible viewing device. Live, of course, means that you are seeing exactly what is happening at a location, exactly as it happens. And this, of course, is essential for things such as live casinos. Any delay to users is unacceptable, being that it opens up potential doorways for cheating, plus provides a poor user experience. Live casinos must be, and always will be, instant.

Understanding Live Casinos

How exactly do live casinos work? First, it is important to keep in mind that a live casino is by no means a simple setup. Live casinos are extremely professional, requiring permanent staff, cameramen, a technical expert, a pit boss, and expensive computer equipment. If you thought a live casino was just a dealer and a web camera, you were mistaken.

The earliest live casinos required a technician to constantly update the events of the casino game into a computer, which would be broadcast to players. In modern times specialised equipment is capable of doing this automatically. A technician is still on standby, however, to ensure that the information is correct.

The pit boss is an essential part of a live casino setup. His or her job is to settle any disputes that may occur during a game. If a player spots a mistake on the part of the dealer, they may take it up with the pit boss, who will stop the game and immediately resolve the discrepancy. Professional dealers are very proficient, however, and this rarely occurs.

Live Casino Versus Traditional Online Casino

So what is the difference between a digital version of blackjack, and a live version? The most obvious difference is the experience for the player. Many online casino game players complain that a digital roulette wheel, for example, is simply not an equivalent of a real world roulette wheel. That a real wheel be used is important for these people, and thus the success of live casinos. Other players simply enjoy the experience of communicating with a live dealer, as apposed to a computer program.

Another obvious difference is the cost involved. Operating a digitally run online game costs next to nothing, since it is simply software that runs with no interaction needed from a person. A live casino, on the other hand, needs permanent staff, specialised equipment, and a very capable software server. It goes without saying that a live casino is a very costly affair to run and maintain. Given that live casino popularity is on the rise, however, it is still a profitable and lucrative operation to run.

Live Casino Celebrities

Recently, in some live casinos the dealers have become mini-celebrities, gaining fans that visit the casino simply to interact with that particular dealer. The dealers likely won’t exactly be signing autographs any time soon, but the fact that players identify so well with dealers is a great sign for the industry as a whole. The phenomenon sparked a situation where live casino dealers were being specifically trained to be charismatic, charming, and engaging, as opposed to simply playing the casino game. Where this situation leads will be a very interesting development. Perhaps live casino stand up comedians are on the horizon?

The Future Of Live Casinos

As the live casino industry evolves and grows, there is much speculation as to how the industry will change. It is already widely suggested that virtual live casinos are around the corner, given the recent increase in virtual technology. This seems logical, but given the cost required to already run a live casino, upgrading to virtual technology may still be some way off.

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